Cardsmart: Gifts, Cards and Postal Services in Fountain Hills

It will only take one trip to Cardsmart for gifts, cards or postal service for you to become a fan, but trust me–you’ll be back many times!  Located in the Plaza Fountainside in Fountain Hills, Cardsmart is one of those shops where the owners  truly “get” people and it shows in their offering of gifts and cards that everyone will love to receive.

Fountain Hills has several great locations to purchase gifts and cards, but I like Cardsmart because they have a great selection of cards ranging from sensitive to witty and beyond–and always with discounted prices. You can always find the perfect gift…whether it’s for Grandma or your sexy girlfriend.   Okay, so you’re not in the mood for gifting…’ll probably find a few things YOU can’t live without!  Such was the case a few weeks ago when their selection of great looking sunglasses and reading glasses got my attention. Best of all, their prices are very reasonable.

Cardsmart at the Plaza Fountainside

Find Cardsmart at the Plaza Fountainside, at the base of the world’s tallest Fountain in Fountain Hills.  Cardsmart is located between Park Avenue Hair Salon and Jaz Boutique, two doors down from Grapeables Wine Bar.  Cardsmart’s phone number is (480) 837-1432

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