Remodeling Your Bathroom? Call Whirlbath Refinishing

Remodeling a bathroom can be costly, but don’t you love it when you learn a tip or trick that gets a beautiful result at a fraction of the cost?

One of our Fountain Hills Clients recently had a whirlpool tub that needed renovating.  We were delighted to find Whirlbath Refinishing and their technician Adam Ebert.  Whirlbath Refinishing is a family-owned company, and one of those great businesses who take extreme pride in servicing their customers.

Whirlbath is a professional bathtub refinisher. They have the experience and knowledge to beautifully restore and refinish a tub the correct way. They follow strict guidelines and use the best bathtub coating materials available in the industry, installing a new spray-on tub coating.

For our client, Whirlbath was able to replace a tub jet system that other companies refused to even consider.  They did it in a very workmanlike manner, and best of all, for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire tub, the solution other companies suggested.  The new buyer of the home got a new whirlpool tub and the sale closed on time…I love stories with a happy ending!

Adam Ebert, the second generation of the company, was a delight to work with.  He fit us into his busy schedule, even on a holiday week-end when we were scrambling to close the sale.  He went above and beyond the call of duty, delivering more than he promised, but you couldn’t even tell he’d been in the property after all was said and done.  Whirlbath provided a 2-year warranty, and the new jets passed re-inspection by AJF Engineering.

WhirlBath services not only bathtubs, but also sinks, showers, tile and countertops.  While we have not had the pleasure of seeing them in action for their entire range of services, but we have confidence in their work ethic and their commitment to customer service.  We highly recommend their service!  Give them a call at 480-585-2377 or check out their website at

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