Back to the Basics….The Reason We Own Our Homes!

Back to the Basics….The Reason We Own Our Homes!

Fountain Hills Golf Homes, SunRidge Canyon

Custom Home in SunRidge Canyon, Fountain Hills

Reality:  The real estate market is going to do what it’s going to do.

After five years in this crazy economy, trying to anticipate it, manipulate it and manufacture it, there’s no way to deny that the real estate business is going to lumber at its own pace, undeterred by mere mortals.

As Realtors, we will continue to try to understand it, passing along any pearls of wisdom we feel are useful to our clients and customers.

But, at the end of the day, residential real estate is and always was about a place to call home, nurture your soul and that of your loved ones, be productive and—maybe—get a good trade for the money you give up to spend time with it.  That trade may be in the form of dollars when you move on and pass the real estate to someone else.  It may come in the form of moments of pleasure, enjoyed with your home as a base of operations for your life.

There’s a lot to be said for the benefits of those moments of pleasure.  Frankly, it’s those experiences—family time, fun time, spiritual time–that shape us much more than the actual real estate transaction of buying or selling or—worse–losing a home.

So, we invite you to embrace all those days in between when you acquire and dispose of a home.  Let’s spend those days enjoying the wonder of a beautiful land and its people.  Let’s plant our stake and declare that we will become a vital part of our home and community, enjoying their benefits and improving them with our individual talents, passions and efforts.  Then, perhaps, the value of our homes will be much greater than its monetary value and instead be tied to the memories we’ll create every day that we live there.

Dori Wittrig, Sonoran Lifestyle REal Estate, Fountain Hills Real Estate

Dori Wittrig

Posted by Dori Wittrig, Designated Broker, Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate. For more information about the neighborhoods, homes, condos or land of  Scottsdale or Fountain Hills, contact her at
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