Nothing “Small” about the Service in this “Small Town”

Sophisticated and Service Oriented Businesses at Home Fountain Hills, AZ

Nothing turns Fountain Hills’ visitors into residents faster than the quality of service they receive from our local businesses. I sometimes hear it described as that “small town feeling,” but I think it is much more.  In the same way that Fountain Hills attracts unique and interesting residents from around the globe, it is also home to a special brand of entrepreneur…the kind that is passionate about his or her business, and who are totally focused  on building a reputation for exceptional service relationships.

Nonny’s Creations for Exquisite Gifts, Florals and Event Details!

Nonny’s Creations, just a few doors down from Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate is a perfect example.  The stunning floral designs featured on the cover of the 2012-13 issue of Arizona’s Finest Wedding Sites and Services Magazine  accentuates the sophisticated elegance of Jerrod Alcaida’s creations.  The minute you step into Nonny’s, you know this is no ordinary florist!  He is a master of interior embellishment, creating floral and botanical accents that often feature clever use of antique and re-purposed pieces.  No worries about sending the “same old—same old” arrangement to a friend in Town…we know a Nonny’s arrangement the second we see it! The area-wide events staged by Jerrod and the staff at Nonny’s has created a local business that is fast becoming a “destination” boutique.  ( ).

Spikes Treats for Happy, Healthy Dogs & Their Owners

And then there’s Spike’s Treats at the Fountain Plaza side. This is an exciting store even if you only have “grand-dogs” to buy for!   Organic and hand-made treats for pets, and a knowledgeable sales staff  help match the right nutrition for the right pet.  Patrons often express their relief when owners Ronnie Sells and Michelle Adams go out of their way to research and find the perfect food or dietary supplement to improve the health of their beloved pet. They even bake their own doggie treats, and they look just as yummy as the ones Grandma used to make!  They give back to the community in so many ways through adoption events, fundraisers, and other “doggone fun” times at their location at over-looking Fountain Park. Each month their “Paws for a Cause” treats are sold to benefit a different shelter or pet welfare entity. No dog or cat is a stranger here, and they even bring their owners. Trust me, it takes will power not to pop one of these handmade pet cookies in your mouth! ( )

Automobile Detectives Take Customer Care to a Pleasing Level

Westerners love their cars, and Fountain Hills has a number of skilled technicians to keep your car humming. Many of our garages and body shops are among the earliest successful businesses in Fountain Hills, boasting three generations of clients from the same families. But one of the most successful entrepreneurial couples are Kirk and Andrea Horton of Auto-Mobile Detective.  They remember where you live when they pick up and deliver your car.  Imagine that! The estimates they give for their work are spot on, and their staff honors your time by keeping you appraised of the progress of the work during the day. They are clearly aware that it is not just ‘a car’ they are working on; they and their staff strive to be service partners who protect your investment and your precious mobility.  And they give your dog a cool sip of water when you come in, and may have a doughnut waiting for you in the morning, and leave a little sweet treat in the car when they’re done. ( C:\Users\Charlotte\Desktop\ )

Visitors are attracted to Fountain Hills by its stunning views, active lifestyle and exceptional value in  homes and condos.  But the conversion from visitor to resident really happens one enjoyable business encounter at a time.  The dozens of friendly shopkeepers who may also coach your kids, flip burgers at fundraisers, attend your house of worship, keep your teeth shiny and show you to your seat at the Community Theater weave together the fabric we call the Sonoran Lifestyle.  Exceptional service from people who  know you as neighbors means they will always deliver what they promise…and a little bit more.  That’s what  “Small Town” atmosphere means in Fountain Hills, and the reason we’re so proud to call it our home.

Coming soon…more interesting places to enjoy in Fountain Hills…

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