PINZ Bowling in the Spotlight

Fountain Hills Favorite Bowling Center Gets a Facelift!

PINZ Bowling Center in Fountain Hills provides state of the art equipment for family fun

PINZ Bowling Center is a super “family friendly “ gathering place in Fountain Hills.  Newly remodeled by with bathrooms, new pizza ovens and comfy seating

areas, the new owners Rick McHone and wife Kathryn Kovacic are committed to making the environment bright, fun and smoke-free.  They have a variety of “adult beverages” on tap and by the glass, and feature snacks, pizza and flatbreads are available for lunch, happy hour or dinner.

Shera Southerland brings her summer charges, Alec and Josh Ryan to the lanes several times a week during summer break.  “It helps us break up the way, and it a cool way to get exercise in the summer.”  Over the summer, they have improved their scores, but have also upped the ante by inventing a wide range of “special” techniques all their own.

On a recent tour of the major remodel, Rick relates his motivation for taking on the new business. “We were a little nostalgic when we decided to buy the former Fountain Bowl. In so many towns, the bowling center is one of the key gathering places that bring people from all walks of life together.  We see that happening here.”   The lighting has been improved, and comfortable sofas have been added for a comfortable space for those who are waiting for their turn, or who just want a fun place to share a brew with friends.  We have developed birthday party packages that we think will be the best in fountain Hills.

“We added new bathrooms just steps away from the lanes so parents who drop off their kids can be assured that they are able to stay near their friends within the bowling center.” We have new interactive arcade games, so the whole family, including teens will have something that appeals to them for family time at PINZ.  Our Mixed Fall Leagues for adult bowlers start on August 20, and September 24, 2014. “

PINZ Bowling Center was also site of Fountain Hills Cash Mob target for August.

“Cash Mobs” are made up of area residents who “Mob” a local business and show their support by spending $10.00 in the target store, then “Mob” a pre-selected eatery for a munch and a relaxing evening.  Everyone is welcome, and the goal is to reach out to friends and neighbors and bring them along to “Mob” the place

This month, the Greater Fountain Hills Business Alliance, sponsor of the “Cash Mob” events, is combining the venues.  Area residents are invited to grab a friend, call a neighbor, and “Mob” the PINZ Bowling center: Wednesday, August 13, at 5.p.m.

PINZ Bowling Center Welcomes the "Cash Mobsters"But this time, there’s a twist…we are “Mobbing,” and yes,  BOWLING, (if you are so inclined), eating, networking, and sipping a brew in the same convenient, comfortable location.

Special $10 dine and play packages will be available for the “Mobsters.”   Drawings will be held throughout the evening and special prizes will be awarded to bowlers who take place in the evening’s special “tournaments”

The three summer  “Cash Mob” events this summer have brought more than $4600 to the participating retail stores and restaurants.  It is one of the most enjoyable ways area residents “buy local” and support our business community.

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