Measuring Fountain Hills Against a Recent “Retirement Wish List”

Huffington Post Boomers Poll Lists Top 10 Retiree Preferences

Four Peaks Mountain, Fountain Hills, Arizona, Huffington Post Boomers Poll

Stunning scenery is just the beginning for Boomers looking for Retirement Nirvana

A recent Huffington Post article highlighted the Retirement Wish List identified in a recent survey by the Consumer Federation of the Southeast. Covering everything from culture to climate, ”the study is the first major poll of retirement relocation preferences of the 78 million-strong Baby Boom generation in a decade.”

As one third of the respondents were willing to travel out of state to find the lifestyle they want, we think Fountain Hills stacks up admirably in the “Top Ten” attributes Boomers consider important for the next phase of their lives.

Retirement Wish List : Fountain Hills, Part I

1.  Low Local Taxes

Fountain Hills is one of the few communities in Arizona that has no primary property tax levied by the Town.  Like all communities in Maricopa County, there are county property taxes which cover County highways, Library and other services.  We have a modest School levy which provides for our future leaders, but all in all, the area has one of the lowest tax profiles among similar Arizona locations.  Pair this with unparalleled view corridors, and Boomers can check  “Low Local Taxes” in the positive column.

2.  Affordable Recreation

Fountain Hills, Arizona, Small Town Volunteerism, Huffington Post Boomers Poll

Community Involvement offers Fountain Hills Retirees a chance to contribute, meet new friends and remain vital

Affordable outdoor activities are available year-round in Fountain Hills.  Most homes and condo developments have pools, and the area’s system of walking and hiking trails is the focus of dozens of state-wide and international hiking and biking competitions.  The town is a haven for bicycle enthusiasts, with bike lanes on all major streets, and there are more than a dozen fitness, yoga, jazzercise and zumba groups as well as stellar tennis, softball, basketball and pickle ball leagues.  Golf opportunities, including reasonably priced leagues, take advantage of 5 highly-rated public courses in the area, and the Fountain Hills Senior Center, with a $15.00 per year membership provides social and hobby opportunities from computer literacy to Pilates, dancing, knitting, carving, crafting and discussing current events.

The “Coin of the Realm” in Fountain Hills is volunteering.  From ushering at the community theater to school tutoring, to planting new trees in Fountain Park or raising funds for the local Museum or Public Art collection, Fountain Hills is home to a community of “do-ers” from all walks of life.

3.  Community Size

Few communities of 15,000 can boast three major grocery store complexes, a Target retail center, a 100-piece public art collection, a major medical plaza, walking tracks and fitness centers, Community Theater, garden center, pet care, coffee shops, wine and sports bars, restaurants and churches…all within a 5 mile radius. Inside that circle is a library, bookstore, regional museum, four golf courses and a Casino…hard to beat in a compact space with a stunning view from every home or condo.

Top that with 30 minute access to the country’s 5th largest international airport, and easy freeway access to major league baseball, hockey, football and basketball franchises, Broadway shows, and major touring musical groups, and it is without parallel.  The Town is encircled by Scottsdale, the Fort McDowell Yavapai nation, and the Pima-Maricopa Indian Nation, so the surrounding land will remain preserved, pristine, and growth will top out at about 24,000 residents.

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