Smithsonian Day at River of Time Museum: Free Admission!

Saturday, September 29, 2012:  12901 N. LaMontana Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 in the Fountain Hills Community Center Complex

L. Alan Cruikshank River of Time Museum, Fountain Hills, Arizona

Learn about the history of Fountain Hills and the Verde Valley, dating back to ancient times at the River of Time Museum.

The River of Time Museum recounts and preserves the captivating past of the Lower Verde River Valley illustrating the vital role of water in the Sonoran Desert. It tells the story from early geologic time through the many people who lived here up to today.


In the Pattea Gallery, you’ll find panels telling the story of the Yavapai Nation, the Native American tribe that lives adjacent to the Lower Verde River and the Town of Fountain Hills.

Be sure to visit the “Mountain Spirit Dancers” exhibit, honoring the spiritual keepers of the Yavapai Tribe.  Check out the “Explorers and Trappers,” celebrating the Spanish who found the Verde River in the late 1500’s, as well as the trappers and miners who came later in the 1800’s and settled the area.

Marvel at the natural resources of the area when you learn about the Dixie Mine and the Four Peaks Amethyst mining operation.  The area’s Western history days are featured with stops at the P-Bar Ranch, Fort McDowell and water ranching exhibits.  There’s all this and more, and on Saturday, September 29, from 1-4 pm, it’s all free!  Be sure to grab a youngster and don’t forget to stop by the “Riverbank Store” to do some early holiday shopping!

For more information, check out the River of Time Museum website, or call 480-837-2612.  This is a one-day, annual event co-sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution

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