Fountain Hills Farmers Market/Art on the Avenue Kicks Into High Gear!

Put out the word to your friends…The Market is going strong in 2013…Thursdays, 11-5 p.m., Avenue of the Fountains.

Fountain Hills, AZ Farmers Market, Art on the Avenue

Art on the Avenue & Farmer’s Market kicks off Thursday, October 18 in Fountain Hills

Fountain Hills Farmer’s Market and Art on the Avenue are back this week, and the Avenue of the Fountains is the place for all the fun!  The event takes place each Thursday,  and runs 11-5.

Get ready to enjoy a wide array of homemade breads, cookies, pastas and fresh sauces, pesto and hummus.  You’ll also find all manner of gourmet salts, seasonings, sauces, and fresh greens, lettuce, fruits, veggies and citrus in season. Wild-caught salmon, free-range eggs, buffalo and natural cheeses are popular.  Whoopie Pies, fudge, sugar-jam cookies, and jerky are guilty pleasures but oh, so good!

Local artist Judi Yates manages the Art on the Avenue.   Throughout late summer, she’s been busy with new artist applications and plans for an even better experience for attendees. “We have attracted a larger group of artists from across the Valley with new and different products, including some very cool items for the home.  Our long-time artists tell me they have been busy with new products for the fall as well.”

“Many of the new Farmer’s Market vendors are from Fountain Hills, and this is their first market season.  It’s great to be able to provide a new way for Fountain Hills residents to start a new home-based business.  We are so grateful that shopping local has become a priority to so many residents who come downtown on Thursdays.”

Breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees are available featuring everything from breakfast sandwiches to tamales, chicken wraps, lasagna, meatballs, burgers, soups and frozen entrees for later.

The Farmer’s Market runs from October to April, and is a great way to get a jump on holiday shopping.

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