CopperWynd Resort Hosts “Jazz In the Hills”

Armand Boatman Trio at CopperWynd Resort, Friday, February 1, 2013

A variety of jazz styles and artists visit Jazz in the Hills

A variety of jazz styles and artists visit Jazz in the Hills

Fountain Hills is blessed with an enterprising group of Jazz enthusiasts, known as “Jazz In the Hills” whose mission is to promote the art of improvisational jazz music.  You can enjoy that music each week at local hot spots, including CopperWynd Resort and SunRidge Canyon Golf Club.

Jazz in the Hills is committed to preserving and sustaining the improvisational art form of jazz. To preserve the music, they present weekly concerts featuring musicians who have mastered the art of improvisation. They sustain the art form through education in schools and during concerts. Stories behind the music make it memorable and meaningful.

This week’s concert features trumpeter, Fred Forney with the Armand Boatman Trio. The concert is presented at $10.00 per person for general admission; $9.00 per person for members. Come and enjoy the wonderful music and incomparable views from the summit overlooking Fountain Hills at CopperWynd Resort

Alchemy Restaurant at Copperwynd offers the best Jazz Patio in the Valley!

Alchemy Restaurant at Copperwynd offers the best Jazz Patio in the Valley!

Want a real treat?  Call CopperWynd’s Alchemy Restaurant to reserve a table for  the dinner service, one of the Valley’s best locations where the spectacular 50-mile view is every bit as stunning as the culinary choices.

Come early between 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. for special drink and food prices. Drinks, starters and small plates and meals from the full dinner menu are also available before and during the concert. The music begins at 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Seating is limited. Tickets are available now at

Jazz is a musical art form originating in the USA around 100 years ago. Jazz is unique from other music because it is based on the practice of improvisation; spontaneously creating melodies based on the underlying harmonic structures of the tune. Many of the popular musical forms of today are based on the rhythmic and harmonic structures of jazz.

The majority of the musicians who perform at Jazz in the Hills concerts are teachers at the College level. In their day job they teach students how to play the instruments in solo and ensemble settings and to understand the history and theory of jazz music. They promote the mastery of the techniques, patterns and music theory that create the sounds of jazz. Most importantly, these musicians can and do perform this improvisational musical style professionally where and when they have the opportunity. Performances are as essential to learning music as hearing a spoken language is essential to learning the language. Reading about art or language or music does little to give it meaning. It is essential to provide an outlet for live performance of the art.

Jazz in the Hills provides a unique outlet for performance of traditional jazz. While pop music venues are common, the number of Jazz venues is rapidly diminishing. Our mission to preserve jazz means teaching and demonstrating the skills required for improvised jazz music. Our mission to sustain jazz means bringing this music in the form of workshops to younger students (K-12) who would be unlikely to ever be exposed to the music.

Through these two interwoven methods of public performance and teaching we will create an environment where the original musical art form can be presented and heard, taught and learned, preserved and sustained.

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