Fountain Hills Library, “Freading” and Discount Books

The Fountain Hills Community Library is located in the Community Center Complex, next to the River of Time Museum.


The Community Library and River of Time Museum are located at 12901 N La Montana Dr  Fountain Hills

The Community Library and River of Time Museum are located at 12901 N La Montana Dr Fountain Hills

Whether you take your Kindle everywhere these days, or you still like to hold a real book in your hands, the Fountain Hills Library is your one-stop resource. Situated in the heart of the Community Center complex on La Montana Blvd, the Maricopa County Library branch in Fountain Hills attracts thousands of visitors each week.

Kids Reading Room at LibraryActivities vary by season and time of day. Young families enjoy regular weekly events like “Once Upon a Monday” and “Happily Ever After” for toddlers, and an ever-evolving set of adult classes ranging from Spanish Language lessons to “Mastering E-Devices” for adults.

08/12 Once Upon a Monday 10:00am
08/12 Mystery Reading Group 6:30pm
08/13 Espanol for Beginners 7:00pm
08/15 Happily Ever After 10:00am
8/17 E-Device Support 12:30pm
08/17 Author – Finding Frank By Buzz Ponce 2:30pm
08/17 Anime Day 3:30pm

New classes and activities are posted each week at:

Library volunteersThe interesting “Authors” lecture series at 2:30 on August 17, 2013, at will feature local writer Buzz Ponce (pictured here with Friends of the Library Board Member Crystalle Ebbinga), discussing his new book, “Finding Frank”, a story about San Diego Charger, Frank Buncum. (Photo: Fountain Hills Times).

But one of the best bargains in the entire Valley is Fountain Hills Library Association’s amazing used book store located in the Library lobby.  It is not uncommon to find paperbacks on sale, 3 for $1, and hardbound books from $1 and up.  And are not dusty old yard-sale rejects by any means!  Many are current or former New Your Times best-sellers, and if it is your lucky day, you might find boxed sets of books on tape or CD for cross-country driving.

The Library Association has donated more than $40,000 over the years to support the inclusion of modern free computers in the library, and coordinates numerous “meet the author” symposiums.  A visitor from Cambridge, Massachusetts was heard to remark recently that “the Fountain Hills Library has more computers than the library at MIT!”

Library InteriorAnd for those who consider their Kindle a member of the family?  The Maricopa County Library provides a major selection of downloadable books for you Kindle.  You must have a library card, and like regular books, your virtual check-outs will only be available for a specific time frame, and then they return themselves!

Q: What could be better than checking books out for free or taking home bags of paperbacks from the store?

A: “Freading”

If you have a library card, you can download thousands of volumes to your Kindle or computer for free.  Check out”Freading” at:

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