End of Year Maricopa County Property Tax Check-up

Maricopa County Property TaxIt’s the end of another year, and we highly recommend you do a check-up on your Maricopa County Property Taxes…ESPECIALLY IF YOUR PROPERTY IS FREE AND CLEAR AND NO LENDER IS PAYING YOUR PROPERTY TAXES FROM AN IMPOUND ACCOUNT.  Why?  We have found many instances where our clients who have no debt and not getting their property tax notice because they have moved.  In fact we’ve found a couple where a lien has already been placed on the property and the owner had no idea! 

If you’d like to do a quick end of year check-up, just go to:  http://mcassessor.maricopa.gov/  and type your address into the search bar.  You’ll then be able to click onto your property tax page, and research whether or not your are current.  You may pay your property taxes online at:  http://treasurer.maricopa.gov/ and click on “Pay Online.”  We also recommend you change your billing address by going to:   http://mcassessor.maricopa.gov/?s=address+change

Questions?  Call us one of the Associates at Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate at 480-816-5557…we’d be happy to assist you!


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