Waste Management Golf Tournament

The wildly popular Waste Management Open Golf Tournament is right around the corner! If you like golf and love to watch the game close up, then this is the premier destination in Scottsdale for you!


The Tournament starts Monday January 27th and concludes on Sunday February 2nd. It is a fantastic week of Amateur, Celebrity and Pro golf. The 16th Hole is still the most notorious in the sport for the best fans out there, but there are plenty of more reserved and traditional spots on the course.

The event does not end after the golf finishes as there is the Birds Nest that keeps the party going late in to the night. Some of the top musical artists from across several genres play at this venue. The entrance fee is separate from the golf, but well worth seeing if you love live music.

The golf has a general admission of $30 and those tickets are available online at Ticketmaster. The Birds Nest tickets are also available at Ticketmaster.

For more information on both venues please visit http://wmphoenixopen.com/

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