Avenue Beautification!

The beautification has begun on The Avenue of The Fountains!

We are sure that if you have been down the Avenue that you have noticed all the temporary fencing they have put up. The construction company has moved extremely quickly and most of The Avenue trees and water features have already been removed.

Fountain Hills, AZ Farmers Market, Art on the Avenue

Art on the Avenue & Farmer’s Market kicks off Thursday, October 18 in Fountain Hills

In replacement of these fountains and trees that were in need of a lot of care to bring them back to their original beauty, the Town will be replacing them with 61 new trees, new fountains and plazas. There will also be a 10 foot wide pathway that will have 8 shade structures and pathway lighting for our balmy Sonoran evenings.  The new pathway will be pavers instead of concrete, which will give a much more pleasing effect. All these new features will bring a sense of ongoing pride and functionality to The Avenue.

The construction not only brings beautification but also safety to the median. The electrical and irrigation systems are being replaced and the mechanical areas will have new enclosures to keep the public safe.

The project is due to be underway from April 21st until October 20th.

The end result will make The Avenue a beautiful destination for the Farmer’s Market, Great Fairs and for everyday strolls.

In the meantime all the businesses and restaurants on the Avenue are unaffected by the construction, so make sure to visit!


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