I HEART Fountain Hills!

Do You “Heart”  Fountain Hills?

Two very busy Ladies, Jean and Ally, in Fountain Hills were always missing out on events and happenings here in Town. To make sure they knew what was going on they started their own calendar of events.

They found out by word of mouth that lots of other people were missing out on I-heart-logo-white-background-77x398events, especially for those with small children. That is when I Heart Fountain Hills started!

These ladies have a fantastic calendar of events that has Jammed Packed Days of events for Toddlers and small children!  They also have a great section that has links to evenings out, events locally and in Scottsdale.

They have a blog that is also great to follow and learn about everything from meal planning to events and posted pictures!  Check it out at www.iheartfountainhills.com.


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