Fountain Hills Learning Center Hosts “IOS 8.0 Software Update

We’ve Got an “App” For That!” At the Fountain Hills Technology Learning Center

Fountain Hills Learning Center

Fountain Hills Learning Center Offers Specialty Classes to All Ages

On Wednesday, September 17, 2014, Apple released their latest iOS 8.0 software update for the  iPad/iPhone/iPod. To help you update your iDevice with the new software or to understand the changes, the Fountain Hills Technology Learning Center will offer a special workshop, “iOS 8.0 Software Update” held on Wednesday, October 8th at Noon.

Not sure how to update to iOS 8?  Not sure what the differences between version 7 and 8 are?  Bring your fully charge I-Pad or I-Phone, and work through this transition with certainty.

The Technology Learning Center is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to teaching adults to use and improve their computer skills.  All instructors and administrators donate their time and expertise to accomplish the goal of the TLC.

Formerly known as Senior Net in Fountain Hills, the Technology Learning Center computer lab is housed in a brightly sunlit room the Fountain Hills Community Center.  It provides a variety of classes for those who are just putting a toe into the internet pond as well as those who want to master key programs that let them navigate the wide waters with ease.

As the lines between phone and computer functions blur, the Technology Leaning Center has added a number of classes for the Fall, 2014 season that include mastery of the dozens of computer functions available on our “Smart Phones.”  These classes are designed to help consumers master and enjoy the powerful capabilities available in their phones.

Many of today’s “Boomers” have writing, computing, scheduling and program management skills, but do not have the ability to convert those skills from pencil and paper to the computer programs required for advancement in their field. Classes at the Technology Learning Center can provide the basis to master these job-essential skills.

The Lab is available to anyone 50 years and older who wishes to broaden their knowledge of computer capabilities and become confident in his or her ability to use the computer more efficiently.

When:  Fall classes start Mid-September, 2014 and continue until May, 2015

Membership:  $40 per year; classes range from $10 to $20 depending on subject and readiness

All members must have a valid Community Activities Center Membership.

Sample classes for Fall registration are available at:

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