American Craft Week at the Fountain Hills Artists Gallery

October 3-12, 2014, Fountain Hills Artist’s Gallery; 16858 E. Avenue of the Fountains, Fountain Hills, AZ

artist kathryn gulerGet a chance to participate in American Craft Week, October 3-12, with many painters, sculptors, and jewelers! Fountain Hills Artist’s Gallery is ground zero to participate in demonstrations by various local artists.  Participate in interactive demonstrations each day throughout the week from 1-3 pm.  Join the artists as they demonstrate their skills, techniques, and knowledge. Witness first-hand what it takes to make these amazing pieces from scratch!

October 3- The gallery will feature Karen Holloway who will be designing a collage depicting the great Sonoran Desert. She will use pieces of natural plant material and handmade papers to create this masterpiece.

October 4- Nancy Haverkos will use her casting and molding skills to cast the face of Jay Schlum, realtor at Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate and former Mayor of Fountain Hills.

October 5- Vickie Morrow will create a stunning and unique mosaic by using random objects and handmade tiles.

October 6- Join Pat Stacy as she attempts to paint a Quadruvium. Learn how she successfully uses acrylics to create a textured look and implements various designs and symbols into her artwork.

October 7- Watch as Terry Alexander demonstrates his skills in creating magnificent pieces of stained glass. Learn how he uses different colors and techniques that result in an amazing piece.

October 8- See how pottery is made as Rick Fitch demonstrates his skills and techniques for creating and sculpting beautiful pottery.

October 9- Join Nancy Merritt as she explains and designs incredible jewelry by incorporating natural stones and beads on a silver necklace.

October 10- Ever thought you could design spectacular pieces of metal with just a hammer? April Bower will show you how it’s done! Using only a hammer to bend and fold small sheets of metal, she will show how to create different types of art and jewelry.

October 11- Chris Demma will be using oil paints to create an amazing piece of art representing the southwestern landscape.

October 12- Watch as Barbara Frangas designs and creates spectacular ceramic pieces from the use of her clay painting.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience and watch first-hand as these wonders of art are created. Come see the artists at work and don’t forget to stop by one of the local cafes for lunch!

For more information, contact the Fountain Hills Artists Gallery at 480-836-9919 or visit their website at

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