Fountain Hills Parks & Recreation “Kicks it Up a Notch” Every Summer

Fun, exercise, lifetime learning?  It’s all right here in the Neighborhood!

Carrie Schwanke of Carrie's Twisted Art, left, leads an art class Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015, in her basement studio. Dave Wallis / The Forum

Carrie Schwanke of Carrie’s Twisted Art, left, leads an art class Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015, in her basement studio.
Dave Wallis / The Forum

The Town of Fountain Hills offers a wide array of classes, services and sports leagues throughout the year, but Parks and Recreation summer activities are exceptional.  Overnight Summer Camps with horseback riding in the Pines; tubing on the Salt River, even field trips and Parties in the Park for Tweens, from 6-8th grade.

Creative Engineering classes combine the science of crating with Legos and robotics.  Cooking and language classes challenge both kids and adults, as well as a wide array of art and fitness classes.

But wait—there’s more!  Here’s a sampling of the ever-growing list of summer fun:

  • Watercolor, Oil and Acrylic painting classes
  • Jewelry Making
  • Spanish and French Classes
  • Instant Piano / Instant Guitar
  • Lego Robotics
  • Dance, Tai Chi, Yoga, Circuit training and Muscle conditioning
  • Overnight Youth Camps at Camp Colley
  • Archery, Baseball/softball, Tennis, Golf, Toddler Athletics

#2 Rec Blog Tweens cookingThe full schedule of the Town’s classes and activities is published quarterly in the Town’s digital newsletter, ‘The Loop.’

All of the activities require prior enrollment, and some require fees to cover expenses and supplies. Once you have reviewed the range of classes in ‘The Loop’, find the appropriate class listed under “Recreation” and sign up!

Step One:  go to  which will take you to the Town of Fountain Hills/recreation website.

Step Two: To be able to view the classes and activities, you will need to set up and account. You will be asked to set up a unique Login name and Password.  This will be used for all members of your household who may wish to enroll.

Step Three:  Registration data is in “real time.”  If a program has an opening, once you have opened your account you will be able to register for programs of your choice…if the program roster is closed, you will be able to sign up to be on a wait list should an opening arise.

WOULD YOU RATHER NOT REGISTER ON LINE?  Registrations will be taken in person at Town Hall, the Community Center via Fax or mail.  Call 480-816-5100 to be sure your registration goes to the proper office.

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