“Cool it” This Summer In Fountain Hills

Escape the Heat with Two Remarkable Local Treasures

Pic #1 Bright SunFountain Hills offers such a wide array of things to do that we sometimes overlook some amazing assets that are literally “just around the corner.”


River of Time Museum

river of time diaramaIn 2003 the River of Time opened its doors with an innovative mission. Using a variety of tools including: history, archaeology, anthropology, art, geology, and geography, the museum presented the past of the Lower Verde River Valley through water.  Exhibits include:

  • Ancient Lower Verde River Civilization
  • Mining for Minerals, including an eye-popping Amethyst exhibit
  • Rio Verde Ranches that combined to become the community of Fountain Hills
  • Salt River Project — how it tamed the rivers to became the electrical power and water supplier that allowed the development of the greater Phoenix area
  • Fort McDowell history —the Historical Fort, and today’s Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation

At $5.00 for admission, you can host a friend to a delightful tour with you for less than a Big Mac Meal!  But you may want to consider supporting the River of Time through a membership.  $25.00 covers an individual membership, $35.00 is a membership for your whole family, and sustaining memberships—at a variety of levels from $100.00 and up—put you in the company of other like-minded supporters who help maintain and grow the educational mission of the River of Time. It’s very nice company to keep!


12901 N La Montana Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 – Call for Summer Hours – 480-837-2612


 Emerson Art Gallery

Arlon Sieve and "Poppies" on display with dozens of other artists at Emerson Gallery

Arlon Sieve and “Poppies” on display with dozens of other artists at Emerson Gallery

Visiting the Emerson Gallery is an uplifting experience of color, texture and technique.  Representing the work of 40+ regional artists, this elegant collection challenges and delights the senses.

In addition to an ever-evolving display of paintings, sculpture and photography, numerous artists offer classes ranging from sculpture to painting to cake decorating.  Call the Gallery for up to date information and check out the class descriptions at:


Hours: 9AM–6PM

16930 E Palisades Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 – 480-296-0178

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