New BASIS School on Shea Boulevard Offers World-class Educational Opportunities for Area Families

2016BASIS047It’s been nearly a year since BASIS.ed announced its Scottsdale area expansion, and they are nearing completion just in time for the 2016-17 school year.  The impressive campus, located on the southwest corner of 128th Street and Shea Boulevard accommodates a 75% increase in enrollment.  The current Scottsdale institution, located at 136th street will house the K-3 students, and the new facility will serve 4-12 year students.

  • The Scottsdale BASIS School is Ranked 2 nationally among high schools by U.S. News and World Report, 2016.
  • The State of Arizona overall is ranked 47th in the U.S. for educational performance, 2016.


The BASIS Charter Schools rank highly due to their rigorous curriculum and students’ high performance on national testing.  BASIS Scottsdale boasts 100% participation in Advanced placement courses, with the average student taking 10 AP exams, according to US News and World Report. BASIS students pass about 98 % of those exams, which typically count for college credit.

-basis-scottsdale-new-campus-2In 2015, BASIS Scottsdale was one of only four Arizona Schools with six National Merit Scholarship winners.  Selection is based on test scores, grade-point average, extracurricular activities and leadership skills.  This outstanding group of scholars included Anvita Gupta, who was also named by Intel Corp. as one of the world’s top young scientists after she developed a computer program to identify potential drugs to treat cancer, tuberculosis and Ebola.

“We have had an overwhelming demand from parents, and we have been working to meet their needs,” said BASIS.ed CEO Peter Bezanson. “We are truly excited to have found such great school space, thus serving a larger population in …Scottsdale.  We can’t wait to get these students into their new buildings!”

For more information about Arizona’s Basis schools, go to:

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