5 Reasons to Catch up on All Things Cactus League

Baseball is back and that means it’s time to catch up on all things Spring Training. The Cactus League provides the most  “Fan Friendly” Baseball experience in tusa-today-8422904-0he Valley of the Sun.  Fifteen Major league teams, perfect weather, and the ultimate fan experience —
autographs, “selfies” with the stars of Major League baseball is a thrill for young and old. Here are five reasons to attend Spring Training:

  1. Baseball, Baseball, and More Baseball

It’s the reason for the season. You get to see the great game up close in cozy ballparks in a laid-back atmosphere. Scottsdale Stadium, home of the San Francisco Giants, is the perfect setting.

  1. The weather

In February and March, the Valley of the Sun enjoys just about perfect weather. Most days, the skies are clear, the sun is shining and the temperature is in the mid-60s.

  1. The access

It’s startling how close fans can get to Major League players during spring training. Especially the first couple of weeks before games are in full swing and players are working out on the back fields. You can almost bump into Adrian Beltre or Cole Hamels without even necessarily trying.

  1. The sightseeing

Try McDowell Mountain Regional Park, 40 minutes west of Scottsdale Stadium, or take a day trip up to Fountain Hills, where you can visit one the “World’s Highest Fountain” which sends a peaceful jet stream of water 560 feet into the beautiful clear blue sky.

  1. The Sprawling Collection of Wonderful Communities

The sprawling collection of surrounding communities, such as Fountain Hills and Scottsdale, all have their own unique qualities while sharing baseball. You’ll never run out of good places to eat or shops to browse.

More than 200,000 fans from all over the country gather in the Valley of the Sun for to enjoy their favorite National League and American League teams, and tickets can sell out fast for popular match-ups.  Come into Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate to pick up your 2017 Cactus League Spring Training Guide or download here: sonoran-lifestyle-real-estate-spring-training-guide.


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