Before & After Fountain Hills Home Makeover: 10 Interior Design Tips for Family Friendly Design


We wanted to capture a recent interior transformation of a family home for sale in Fountain Hills that underwent a major overhaul.  The family updated the flooring and interior paint to brighten up and modernize the home, and hired Fountain Hills interior designer, Gina of Gina B. Designs & Home Staging, to assist with space planning, lighting and incorporating their furnishings with a new layout. Gina draws from her experience as an interior designer, wife and mom of two young girls to help busy families design and space plan their home.  This blog post captures the incredible before and after transformation of this home, along with Gina’s tips and tricks for family-friendly interior design:

1. Design the space for how you and your family live

People oftentimes get inspired by what they see on a design show or a magazine, but are not practical about how it fits with the way they live.  The result can be a room that is designed for show, but never utilized.  The family wanted a casual and inviting entry that was also functional.  The family’s DIY coat rack was paired with a simple bench along with accessories and a wicker basket for extra storage. The elements of the room were tied together with an wrought-iron orb chandelier and a playful, stain-resistant entry way rug.
Before (7)

2. Don’t be afraid of color and texture

There are so many easy ways to incorporate color and texture with accessories like pillows, curtains, and throws to add dimension and warmth.

Before (10)

3. Don’t underestimate the value of lighting

Light fixtures can dramatically set the tone of a room and can make an ordinary space extraordinary.  The dining room chandelier makes an impact for the living/dining room while the sconces add balance to the tableau wall art.

Before (5)


4. Ample storage for kids stuff

Always have a home for where your kids put their things, that way they know where everything should go.  Label with pictures, names, etc. so they know where their toys are supposed to go when they are put away.  The homeowners utilize their entertainment center for storing all of their son’s toys in this room.

5. Declutter the room to make the space work

The living/dining room felt cluttered because there was too much furniture in it.  The designer removed oversized pieces and rearranged furnishings to make the space look and feel more organized and pulled together.  It also makes a space feel more relaxing.

6. Add visual interest by incorporating the unexpected

The homeowners were reluctant when a modern crystal chandelier was recommended for the master bedroom, but now it is one of their favorite elements of the room.

Before (8)


7. Don’t be afraid to combine modern and traditional pieces

In the family room, Gina selected a second hand mahogany end table, a classic striped chair, an antique looking wall clock and lantern to complement the family’s modern furnishings. She utilized sheer, geometric curtains to keep the room feeling light and anchored everything with a traditional rug.

Before (9)

8. Have a space for the kids

The homeowners son’s coveted train set was the focal point for the playroom/bonus room.

Ironwood bonus copy

9. Don’t wait to decorate

Many families don’t invest in new furniture or décor until their kids are older. Your home is your sanctuary, where you relax, unwind, and create memories as a family. You should love the environment that you live in.

10. You don’t need to break the bank in order to have a beautiful home

Although Gina’s background has included interior designing multi-million dollar homes for a high end home builder, she contends that you don’t need to break the bank to have a well-designed home. Gina loves working with families who want their home to reflect who they are and how they live.  She lives in and practices out of Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Have any interior design questions for Gina?  Please comment on this blog post or contact Gina B. Designs and Custom Staging

To view more photos of this home click here. Contact Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate for more information.

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