Making a Difference: The Home Delivered Meals Program of Fountain Hills

Life moves fast. Many of us lead busy lives, and if we don’t stop and reflect occasionally we miss the things that matter most to us. Perhaps one of the most important things that matter the most in our lives is the importance of volunteering. Many of us intrinsically believe that the meaning of life has something to do with helping people.Volunteering  gives us the satisfaction of incorporating service into our lives, and making a difference in our communities.

The Home Delivered Meal Programs of Fountain Hills is making an incredible difference in the community and in the lives of the people they serve. In 1990, Marti Lemieux founded the Home Delivered Meal Programs with the mission of providing nutritional meals for individuals of all ages living in Fountain Hills who required meal assistasam_1194nce. The Home Delivered Meals Program helps individuals recovering from surgeries or hospital stays.
Meals are prepared fresh daily by the staff of Fountain View Village. The noon-times meals consist of a three-compartment hot-tray with a main dish, side dish, and a vegetable. In addition, the individual receives a cold sack with a pint of milk, salad, fruit, and a dessert.  On special days throughout the year, several civic organizations will provide a personal touch to the meals by adding a holiday favor such as a holiday card handmade by the Girl Scouts, or a handmade arrangement provided by the Four Peaks Women’s club. The portions of the meal are adequate, and for some individuals is enough for two servings. Meals are picked up at Fountain View Village, and currently delivered within a time-frame of 90 minutes. Meals are delivered seven days a week, including major holidays

The Home Delivered Meals program is unique, and is more than just a meal. All deliveries sam_1195are delivered by volunteers in which they provide a wellness check on the individual, and sometimes the volunteers are the only social contact that these individuals have on a daily basis. If individuals don’t answer the door or not able to be reached by the phone, or their emergency contact is not accessible, the Home Delivered Meals volunteers often alert staff about individuals needs and will contact the Sheriff’s Office to perform a check on the individuals’ well-being.

The volunteers of the Home Delivered Meals program are the backbone of this program. One of the largest volunteer based organizations in Fountain Hills with over 200 active volunteers. The program has seven daily coordinators, one volunteer each day, and teams of two volunteers who deliver the meals. Each team of volunteers deliver meals once per month. If regular teams are not available, then substitute teams are used to help deliver.  These volunteers are truly the heart and soul of this program, and the satisfaction they receive by making one individuals day by delivering a meal is rewarding.

If you are interested in volunteering in this amazing program, or wanting more information, you may contact Nita Blose, Home Delivered Meals Program Coordinator, by phone at 480-816-5226 or email at  Or stop by the Activity Center from Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.


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