Ready for Action! Nerf Wars Might Just Be Up Your Alley

Are you looking for some active fun for your family this summer? Is your child ready to complete daring action-packed missions? The Fountain Hills Community Services is offering the newest and most exciting session of Nerf Wars here in Fountain Hills.


Ready for Battle!

Now don’t let the fact that this session utilizes those Nerf Blasters we all grew up with to lead you to think that this is just for kids. Players of all ages and even parents have realized that this just as fun as any other activity as you maneuver through indoors with your elite squad or as one man army.

Nerf Wars is a fun group activity that competing teams use their brains, bodies, and their toy blasters to compete missions. All missions are safe and family-friendly, allowing ages 6 and above to compete. Parents wanting to take in the fun must register themselves as their children.  Fountain Hills Community Services need a minimum of 10 participants to hold a battle, and a maximum of 18. If they do not reach the minimum number of participants before the schedule of Nerf Wars, they will cancel the battle.


Fun Group Activity of competing teams using their brains and toy blasters to complete missions.

Blasters, eye protection, darts and dart pouches will be on loan, but you may bring your own. Blasters must be stocked, and unmodified. All Nerf Blasters must be compatible with Nerf Elite or Boomco darts. No blowguns allowed.

Nerf Wars begins on Saturday, May 6th, and runs through Saturday, August 26th, 2017.  The registration fee is $10.00, and time is subject to change. To learn more , visit



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