Get Cooking This Summer, Fountain Hills!


Experience Adult Cooking Workshops 

Are you food-knowledgeable? Are you a little bit obsessed with crafting dishes that you felt “inspired” to create? Whether you want to sharpen your knife skills, master the art of cooking with mindfulness or discover how to bake the perfect cake, the Fountain Hills Community Services Department has your cooking and wine-tasting classes covered this summer:


Adult Cooking Workshops

Experience cooking hands-on while learning new and exciting recipes. These classes are designed for people who want to learn new cooking skills, but may not have the time to sign up for a multiple session class. Courses will meet for 1.5 hours every Thursday.  Classes will feature recipes that will be easy to duplicate at home. All you need to bring to class is an apron and a note pad. Each course will feature new recipes. The cost for each class is $30, and you can register online.

Wine Tasting and Education Class

Spring is springing, and that means it’s time for plucky pink porch wines. With all the different types of wines, there is a wine for everyone. However, for those who do not have a strong wine knowledge, the process for finding the perfect wine can be intimidating. For those who want to expand their knowledge, the Town of Fountain Hills and Grapeables Wine Bar has a winery appreciation class that will be offered on Wednesday July 19th.


The class is designed for individuals of all wine knowledge levels.

The class is designed for individuals of all wine knowledge levels to improve what they know, learn new ways to enjoy wine, and have fun doing so.  The class begins at 6:15 pm, and you must be 21 years and older to register. The fee for the class is $50, and you can register online.


For more information or to register, please visit:


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