Looking to Unleash Your Hidden Picasso this Summer

Art is food for the soul. Art stirs emotions and makes you feel alive. With art, we can live vicariously and unleash our creativity unto the world. The Fountain Hills Community Services Department is packing your summer with some of the best creative activities that will release you from your creativity rut:


Beginning Watercolor 

Beginning Watercolor

Students will learn about and engage in this free-flowing, transparent, and water-based medium. Beginning techniques include wet-on-wet, value development, textural applications, and color exploration. Students will begin using black and white values, while continuing toward the full range of color with still life and photographic-reference work. Experienced students are welcome and will concentrate on developing their own “personal series” in watercolors. This class meets each Monday from 6:15 to 8:15 pm at the Fountain Hills Community Center.

Intermediate Watercolor

Students will enjoy being able to expand on their previous knowledge of Watercolor and develop their skills even further. Experienced students are welcome and will concentrate on developing their own personal series in watercolors and other media. This would be a good class for the participant who has taken the begging Watercolor class previously. This class begins on June 6th, and meets each Tuesday from 6:15 to 8:15 pm at the Fountain Hills Community Center.

Oil Painting

Learn about color mixing, brushes, mediums and how to begin and execute a simple painting. This class will take you step-by-step and you will come away with a true understanding of how to paint with oils. The first class will be about paints, brushes, mediums and supports. A basic drawing class is preferred but no experience is needed and intermediate students are welcome.

This class is all about learning to be expressive and excited about painting! It will be a fun class to learn about the joy of painting and the use of other media. A supply list will be provided upon registration. This class meets every Wednesday beginning June 7th, and starts at 6:15 to 8:15 pm.

Oil and Acrylics

This class is for students with some experience in painting with acrylics or oil paint. After a brief review of color dynamics and painting techniques, students will each paint separately … each expressing their vision as they see it. Students will use photographs or their own still life setup when they paint. This is not an analytic or academic approach, but is designed to encourage each painter to paint from within and express themselves visually with color, shape and form such as landscapes, floral, portraits,abstracts … in realistic, contemporary, impressionistic techniques are encouraged. Instructor works with everyone as needed.  Oil and Acrylics begins on June 8th, and runs for six weeks. Classes meet every Thursday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

For more information on each class, please visit the Town of Fountain Hills Community Services website: https://apm.activecommunities.com/


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