History Buff? Fascinated with the Wild West? Look no further than Tombstone, Arizona, the gateway to the Wild West. Hop in your car and take a road trip to Tombstone, a three-hour drive from Fountain Hills. Here are the 3 must places to visit in Tombstone, and relive the evolution of the American Cowboy and the gun-slinging wild west:

  1. OK-Corral

Relive the gunfights of Wyatt Earp and his band against the McLaurys / Clantons in daily reenactments at the OK-Corral, and in the streets of Tombstone Theater. Stand on the exact spot in which the gunfight began next to l512px-Gunfight_at_the_OK_Corral_2ife-size figures of the eight gunfighters, and learn the cause behind the 30 second showdown that left three cowboys dead.  The Ok Corral is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Admission with the live gunfight reenactment is $10, and includes admission to the Ok Corral Historic Complex, the Historama, and free copy of the 1881 reprint of the Tombstone Epitaph newspaper with the original reports of the Gunfight at the O.K Corral.

  1. The Bird Cage Theatre

If you are a “cowboy” history buff, this is a must see. It’s all original – curtains, wall paper, and bullet holes! Take an unforgettable self-guided tour through the Bird Cage, and experience the early days of Tombstone. Step back i2e2bc89998fee75fdcc9b2f804b96a58n time, and listen to the barmaid at the front entrance entice you with stories of the Bird Cage.  Stick around for the ghost tour to hear laughter, music, and see spirits of men in cowboy hats as though the parties of the Old West were still raging. The tours run daily 6:15 PM, and they admission is $20.


  1. Boothill Graveyard

Boothill-Cemetery-Tombstone-ArizonaIf you love the mystic of Tombstone, then finish off the experience at Boothill Graveyard on your way out. A must see for history buff who love the era of the Wild West.  Stroll through the cemetery and read the gravestones of those famous names in history. The most unique part of is the marking on the grave sites mention how each person died, or who killed them. These gravestones server as testimony to how violent death could be in the Wild West.  The entrance fee is $3.00 and comes with a self-guiding brochure that is provided for further information on each grave. The place adds to the experience of the town and closure to a reality once lived.




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