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McDowell Mountain Park and Kids: The Perfect Combination!

McDowell Mountain Regional Park is the ideal playground to explore the beauty of the Sonoran Desert for families in the month of June. Whether you’re looking for edge-of-your-seat adventures or something a little more low-key, here are four great activities to explore at the McDowell Mountain Regional Park:


Desert Tortoise  

The Desert Tortoise and Friends

Did you know that we have desert tortoises that live in the wild? What would you do if you saw one of these amazing animals? Visit the McDowell Mountain Regional Park Visitor Center on June 3rd to learn all about these unique reptiles and see them in person. Make sure to see all other animals on display including rattlesnakes, gila monsters, and many other desert animals.

Animal Tracks and Desert Holes

Love a good mystery? Have you ever wondered what passed on the trail before you? Or who lives in that hole? Let’s go looking for animal’s tracks! Take an easy walk with the Ranger as they take look for signs of wildlife and discuss who may be living in that hole. Meet at the Nursery Tank Trailhead on June 8th, at 7:30 am, and make to bring plenty of water.



Feeding the Reptiles is no easy task.

Reptile Feeding

Feeding the reptiles at the McDowell Mountain Regional Park is no easy task. It takes a team of hardworking people. Join the staff at 11:00 am on June 10th for an afternoon break and see for yourself how our cold-blooded residents eat their monthly meals. Frozen rodent entrees will be served to the critters. Program takes place in the Visitor Center.

Wildlife Watch at Nursery Tank

Love watching the wildlife? Well, Ranger Amy has just the activity for all your nature lovers. Join Ranger Amy on June 22nd, at 7:00 am on the barrier-free Nursery Tank Trail for this easy 0.6-mile walk. She will set up spotting scope, and enjoy the quiet morning waiting for the wildlife. Several benches are available, to sit, wait, and watch all the wildlife stir. Bring a camera, binoculars, and plenty of water.

For more information, please contact McDowell Mountain Regional Park at  (480) 471-0173.



This Memorial Day, Remember Those Who Served with the Marine Corps League Detachment #1439

Memorial Day is much more than just a three-day weekend.  At its heart, it is a time-honored opportunity to focus and pay tribute to those who served in our American Armed Forces. More than a good excuse for a backyard barbecue, it’s a chance to honor the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for this nation and our freedoms, and the opportunity to say thanks to all those, past and present, who have served.


Memorial Day is a time-honored opportunity to say thanks to all those, past and present, who have served in the Armed Forces.

One of the keystones of Fountain Hills is the Veterans Memorial at Fountain Park, created with the support of local veterans’ organizations.  A beautiful tribute to the individuals as well as the conflicts, the Memorial is the site of several remembrances and celebrations throughout the year.


This Year’s Memorial Day Remembrance Ceremony will acknowledge and highlight Fountain Hill’s commitment to our Military Veterans.

This year’s Memorial Day Remembrance will be held on Monday, May 29th, 2017 at 9:00 am. Hosted by the Marine Corps League Detachment #1439, this year’s Memorial Day Remembrance Ceremony will acknowledge and highlight the town’s commitment and dedication to our military veterans. This year’s speakers will include Fountain Hills Mayor Linda Kavanagh, who officially proclaimed the town of Fountain Hills to be a Purple Heart Town at the Town Council Meeting on April 6th, and Mike Ferguson, Vietnam veteran, and Commander of the Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter 2560. The keynote speaker will be Barbara Hatch, whose organization, Veterans Heritage Project, is dedicated to connecting students with Veterans. Their stories of service to our nation are written, recorded and


The American Flag will presented by the American Legion Post 58 Color Guard.

preserved in the Library of Congress. There is also a special addition to the program in which guests are invited to share their own personal memorials of their fallen loved ones, who through their service, gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Come join the crowd, salute the flag proudly as it is presented by the American Legion Post 58 Color Guard,  and reflect on all the reasons you love this country…all while enjoying the beauty of our community and fountain in the background.


New To Yoga? Here are 3 Yoga Classes to Start Off Your Summer

Whatever your age or fitness level, yoga is one of the best ways to stay healthy, look good, and feel great. But, if you’re new to yoga, it can be hard to know where to start. The Town of Fountain Hills Community Service Department and Trufit Studios has partnered up to provide you with three different yoga classes this summer:

Vinyasa Power Flow Yoga

Looking for a little challenge? Want to take your yoga practice to the next level? Vinyasa yoga, also called Flow Yoga is one of the most popular styles of yoga for fast paced, fitness approach. This class is designed for all levels with modifications and breaks whenever needed.

Four girls practicing yoga, Trikonasana / Bikram triangle right

Vinyasa Yoga is one of the most popular styles of yoga. 

Give it a try! Two sessions will be held Wednesday nights from 5:45 pm to 6:45 pm during May and July. The registration fee is $65.


Gentle Balancing Yoga

The Town of Fountain Hills Community Services has partnered with TruFit Studios to offer gentle yoga, which can reduce stress, assist with weight loss, and lower high blood pressure. Through gentle yoga, students will become more flexible, centered, present and mindful as well as improve alignment and posture, which can alleviate back, neck, hip and knee pain. Trufit provides yoga equipment at no charge, including yoga mats, towels, and props such as blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets. The Registration fee is $60, and classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the months of May, June, July, and August at TruFit Studios, 16838 E Palisades Boulevard.

Yoga at Fountain Park

In Fountain Hills, there’s a 560-foot fountain overlooking the park and lake, the perfect place to watch the clouds roll by. Turns out, it’s also the perfect place to have yoga class.

Yoga 2

Fountain Park is the perfect place have yoga class. 


Join TruFits Studios has they lead this evening twilight class at the Amphitheater in Fountain Park. The fee for the class is $12 dollars, and drop-in is only allowed if they have a minimum of 5 participants pre-registered. The drop-in fee is $15.  Classes are being held on June 17th and July 22nd  on  a Saturdays  from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.



For more information or to register for these activities, please visit:



Get In Shape With the Town of Fountain Hills and TruFit Studios

Are you as fit as you would like to be? Have you booked a summer vacation and you’re beginning to worry about how you will feel t? If you want to get into shape before the summer – but don’t know where to start – then the Town of Fountain Hills Community Services Department and TruFit Studios are here to help.


Are you looking for a fun, fast paced aerobic fitness work-out? Look no further, then Zumba must be for you. Zumba, a calorie-burning dance-based workout, is inspired various styles of Latin American dance and performed to Latin American music.


Zumba, a calorie-burning  dance-based workout.

Check it out! Classes begin on May 10th runs through June 28th, and will be held on Wednesday nights. Registration fee for the class is $65 dollars.

Silver Sneakers Classic

Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles and a Silver Sneakers are offered for resistance. A chair is available for seated or standing support. Classes begin on May 10th runs through June 28th, and will be held on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 10:15 am to 11:15 am. Registration fee for the class is $50 dollars.

ConunDrum of Parkinson’s Exercise Class

If you or someone you love has received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s, you know how challenging it can be. The ConunDrum of Parkinson’s program includes muscle strengthening, voice strengthening, rhythmic drumming, eye-hand coordination, and brain and cognitive stimulation. TruFit offers ConunDrum of Parkinson’s group exercise classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 p.m and begin on May 9th.


The Silver Sneakers Classic is designed to increase muscular strength and range of movement. 

This unique, customized program consists of a series of rhythmic exercises to strengthen voice and muscles, improve eye-hand coordination, and stimulate brain and cognitive capabilities.  Registration fee is $40.

​For more information or to register, please visit:

Looking to Unleash Your Hidden Picasso this Summer

Art is food for the soul. Art stirs emotions and makes you feel alive. With art, we can live vicariously and unleash our creativity unto the world. The Fountain Hills Community Services Department is packing your summer with some of the best creative activities that will release you from your creativity rut:


Beginning Watercolor 

Beginning Watercolor

Students will learn about and engage in this free-flowing, transparent, and water-based medium. Beginning techniques include wet-on-wet, value development, textural applications, and color exploration. Students will begin using black and white values, while continuing toward the full range of color with still life and photographic-reference work. Experienced students are welcome and will concentrate on developing their own “personal series” in watercolors. This class meets each Monday from 6:15 to 8:15 pm at the Fountain Hills Community Center.

Intermediate Watercolor

Students will enjoy being able to expand on their previous knowledge of Watercolor and develop their skills even further. Experienced students are welcome and will concentrate on developing their own personal series in watercolors and other media. This would be a good class for the participant who has taken the begging Watercolor class previously. This class begins on June 6th, and meets each Tuesday from 6:15 to 8:15 pm at the Fountain Hills Community Center.

Oil Painting

Learn about color mixing, brushes, mediums and how to begin and execute a simple painting. This class will take you step-by-step and you will come away with a true understanding of how to paint with oils. The first class will be about paints, brushes, mediums and supports. A basic drawing class is preferred but no experience is needed and intermediate students are welcome.

This class is all about learning to be expressive and excited about painting! It will be a fun class to learn about the joy of painting and the use of other media. A supply list will be provided upon registration. This class meets every Wednesday beginning June 7th, and starts at 6:15 to 8:15 pm.

Oil and Acrylics

This class is for students with some experience in painting with acrylics or oil paint. After a brief review of color dynamics and painting techniques, students will each paint separately … each expressing their vision as they see it. Students will use photographs or their own still life setup when they paint. This is not an analytic or academic approach, but is designed to encourage each painter to paint from within and express themselves visually with color, shape and form such as landscapes, floral, portraits,abstracts … in realistic, contemporary, impressionistic techniques are encouraged. Instructor works with everyone as needed.  Oil and Acrylics begins on June 8th, and runs for six weeks. Classes meet every Thursday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

For more information on each class, please visit the Town of Fountain Hills Community Services website:


Get Dancing this Summer, Fountain Hills!

Summer is near, Fountain Hills! And lucky for you, the Town of Fountain Hills Community Services Department is offering plenty of opportunities to get involved in the dance scene this May. Whether you’re a professional dancer or an enamored spectator, be sure to check out these classes we’ve rounded up here!


The Town of Fountain Hills Community Services Department is offering plenty of dance lessons this summer.

Country Two-Step Dancing

If you enjoy country music and line dancing, then this is the class for you! From Two Stepping to Country Swing and Country Waltz, you will soon see how exciting is to Country dance! Get noticed on any country dance floor with country dance lessons this summer, and watch your confidence soar. Classes run from May 6th to June 7th on Saturday from 11:30 am to 12:20 pm.

Swing Dance

Got that swing? Interested in learning to swing dance!? We have tons of great classes that will get you dancing the night away in no time! It’s a very simple structure that focuses on your footwork with basic movies and style. Dance to music such as rock, blues, and other fast and slow tempos. Let’s dance!  Classes run from May 3rd to June 7th on Wednesday from 6:00 to 6:50 pm.

Beginner Salsa Lessons

Salsa isn’t just a topping at Mexican restaurants—it’s also a spicy dance technique. Learn the fancy footwork, hip sways and spins of the social dance, so make sure to sign up for these dance classes for adults and steal the spotlight the next time you go out dancing. Classes run from May 3rd to June 7th on Friday from 7:00 pm to 7:50 pm.

Registration for each class is $60.00, and will be held at the Love 2 Dance Studio on 16719 East Palisades Blvd.

For more information or to register, please visit:

Get Cooking This Summer, Fountain Hills!


Experience Adult Cooking Workshops 

Are you food-knowledgeable? Are you a little bit obsessed with crafting dishes that you felt “inspired” to create? Whether you want to sharpen your knife skills, master the art of cooking with mindfulness or discover how to bake the perfect cake, the Fountain Hills Community Services Department has your cooking and wine-tasting classes covered this summer:


Adult Cooking Workshops

Experience cooking hands-on while learning new and exciting recipes. These classes are designed for people who want to learn new cooking skills, but may not have the time to sign up for a multiple session class. Courses will meet for 1.5 hours every Thursday.  Classes will feature recipes that will be easy to duplicate at home. All you need to bring to class is an apron and a note pad. Each course will feature new recipes. The cost for each class is $30, and you can register online.

Wine Tasting and Education Class

Spring is springing, and that means it’s time for plucky pink porch wines. With all the different types of wines, there is a wine for everyone. However, for those who do not have a strong wine knowledge, the process for finding the perfect wine can be intimidating. For those who want to expand their knowledge, the Town of Fountain Hills and Grapeables Wine Bar has a winery appreciation class that will be offered on Wednesday July 19th.


The class is designed for individuals of all wine knowledge levels.

The class is designed for individuals of all wine knowledge levels to improve what they know, learn new ways to enjoy wine, and have fun doing so.  The class begins at 6:15 pm, and you must be 21 years and older to register. The fee for the class is $50, and you can register online.


For more information or to register, please visit:


Make the Month of May one to Honor and Remember Our Fallen Veterans and Emergency First Responders

With May upon us, it’s time to honor and remember our fallen veterans and emergency first responders of families across Arizona. May has been declared Honor and Remember Month, and to honor the memory of those whose who sacrificed their lives the American Legion, and the Arizona state chapter of the Honor and Remember Organization will be hosting a week-long of remembrance starting on May 14th, 2017. The Honor and Remember Organization pays tributes to all military lives lost, not only while serving active duty but also as result of serving; this year it has also included the lives of emergency first responders.


The Honor and Remember Flag has the name, rank, and date of death  of the service member.

Three Hundred and Forty “Honor and Remember” Flags will be placed east of the Fountain Hills Veterans Memorial in Fountain Park. The “Honor and Remember” Flag is a specific and dedicated symbol of remembrance. Each flag has the name, rank, and date of death, and represents a family in Arizona that has loss a service member. The flags will be on display in Fountain Park from May 14th through May 21st. On Saturday, May 20th, an Honor and Remember Ceremony will take place.

Mayor Linda Kavangh will be presenting the proclamation at 10:00 am, and Master of Ceremonies is Mike Broomhead, Radio Show Host with KFYI. The Keynote Speaker will be Amanda Marsh, wife of Superintendent Eric Marsh, the man who led the Granite Mountain Hotshots. Various organizations from around Fountain Hills


Flags will be on display in Fountain Park from May 14th through May 21st.

will be assisting with the ceremony to honor and remember the veterans and emergency first responders.

Come bring your family and join the crowd, as we honor those that proudly served and protected our great nation…all while enjoying the beauty of our community and fountain in the background.

For more information go to, or contact Judi Beischel of the American Legion at 480-229-1581.

Ready for Action! Nerf Wars Might Just Be Up Your Alley

Are you looking for some active fun for your family this summer? Is your child ready to complete daring action-packed missions? The Fountain Hills Community Services is offering the newest and most exciting session of Nerf Wars here in Fountain Hills.


Ready for Battle!

Now don’t let the fact that this session utilizes those Nerf Blasters we all grew up with to lead you to think that this is just for kids. Players of all ages and even parents have realized that this just as fun as any other activity as you maneuver through indoors with your elite squad or as one man army.

Nerf Wars is a fun group activity that competing teams use their brains, bodies, and their toy blasters to compete missions. All missions are safe and family-friendly, allowing ages 6 and above to compete. Parents wanting to take in the fun must register themselves as their children.  Fountain Hills Community Services need a minimum of 10 participants to hold a battle, and a maximum of 18. If they do not reach the minimum number of participants before the schedule of Nerf Wars, they will cancel the battle.


Fun Group Activity of competing teams using their brains and toy blasters to complete missions.

Blasters, eye protection, darts and dart pouches will be on loan, but you may bring your own. Blasters must be stocked, and unmodified. All Nerf Blasters must be compatible with Nerf Elite or Boomco darts. No blowguns allowed.

Nerf Wars begins on Saturday, May 6th, and runs through Saturday, August 26th, 2017.  The registration fee is $10.00, and time is subject to change. To learn more , visit



Make This A Summer to Remember

“I’m bored.”

The two most dreaded words parents may hear from children who are free from the routine of school and uncertain about how to spend their time during summer break. Thankfully, parents have options. Planning is the key to making sure your child has a rich, fulfilling and memorable summer break. This year, why not forgo the traditional summer break for activities that gets your creative juices flowing.

Now is the time to sit down with your child and ask them what interests them or what they would like to try for the first time. Get your child involved in the planning process so they can point you toward a program that satisfies their curiosities. The Town of Fountain Hills offers a wide variety of activities this summer from sports camps to a Lego Robotics Workshop. The Fountain Hills Community Services has is at all to give your child an enriching, fulfilling summer they won’t ever forget!

Lego Robotics Workshop

Have you ever wanted to create a bird and programming it to chirp, or a lion and making it roar? The Fountain Hills Community Services is hosting a series of Lego Robotics Workshops through June, July, and August. This workshop will introduce


Lego Robotics Workshops

students to Lego Mindstorm Robotic Kits, and the programming it takes to make them do all the fun stuff. Learn how to design, build, and program the Lego Mindstorm NXT robots. The Registration fee is $30.00, and open to ages 8 – 14 years old.

Party in the Park

The Town of Fountain Hills Community Services Department invites Middle School Students to participate in their annual “Summer Party in the Park” series.  The event will run through June, July, and August.  Drop in to Golden Eagle Park from 6:00 to 9:00 pm for a variety of games, music, and fun. No registration is required, and its students going into 6th -8th grades.

Family Fun Trip

Have you ever wanted to go tubing on the Salt River, but don’t want to have to drive to


Family Trip Tubing Down The Salt River

the venue? The Town of Fountain Hills Community Services Department is hosting the second annual Family Fun Trip. Enjoy an awesome trip to the Salt River with your family. This trip is open to all families of all shapes and sizes. The event will take place on Saturday, July 29th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The registration fee is $25.


For more information on this and other summer activities, please check out the Fountain Hills Community Services website at