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3 Summer Activities to Keep Your Little Ones Busy and Happy

Oh, the creativity begins!  Encouraging toddlers to explore the right things and not get into too many of the wrong ones is a challenge!  Attention span plays a part. Finding a fun activity this summer to keep your child happy and busy requires a little imagination and help from the Town of Fountain Hills Community Services Department. Here you’ll find three amazing activities for your toddlers and preschoolers:

Parent-Tot Multi-Sport

Introduce your little one to the wide world of sports. Parents play an active role in this fun and active program. Your little ones will be introduced to a variety of sports,


Parent-Tot Multi-Sport Class

including: soccer, basketball, football, and more. The program focuses on teamwork, socialization, and motor-skill development. Two class sessions are offered in May and June. The first class begins on May 2nd which runs through May 30th. Class times begin promptly at 9:30 am at the Fountain Hills Community Center, and the registration fee is $36 dollars.


Want to introduce your little one to the world of baseball? Let them learn the fundamentals of baseball in a fun, safe environment! This class will focus on the basics of throwing, catching, hitting, fielding, and base running. This introduction class is a great way to start your future ballplayer out on the right track. Players must bring a baseball mitt. Two sessions will be offered in May and June. Class begins at 10:15 am on May 2nd and runs through the end of May. The age requirement is between 3 to 5 years of age, and the registration fee is $55.


Indoor Soccer League

Indoor Soccer League

Want to learn the fundamentals of soccer? Than this might be the class for your child. This program strives to provide a fun and safe atmosphere in which your child can learn respect, sportsmanship, and soccer skills.  All players receive equal playing time, and introduction to the fast-paced game of indoor soccer. Each participant will receive a t-shirt, and award. Two sessions will be offered at the end of June, and runs through the middle of July. The two sessions are being offered for two age groups one for  3-5 years, and 6 -10 years old. The registration fee is $65 dollars.

To sign up  for this or any other activity click here,

Spice Up Your Child’s Summer with Cooking Lessons

Spice up your child’s summer and get their creative juices flowing by enrolling them in the Junior Chefs program. The town of Fountain Hills is excited to offer your child an experience of a lifetime by exploring the world of culinary arts. A variety of cooking lessons are planned for the summer of 2017 at the Fountain Hills Community Center.  The lessons are geared to various ages and will teach about a wide variety of foods.

kids cooking.jpg.838x0_q67_crop-smart

Junior Chefs will learn the basic elements of cooking.

The Junior Chefs will learn the basic elements of cooking. Participants will receive instruction about recipes and preparation methods of various foods from around the world. Students will be taught key topics associated with cooking such as kitchen safety, cooking terms, and recipe structure. They will create a recipe book of the recipes covered during the class; so, they can repeat the recipe at home. Each class will cover a new recipe.

Classes will run one day per week this summer from the beginning of May until early August. Each class begins from 5:30 to 7:15 pm, and the age range is from 7 to 15 years old. The registration fee is $110 per child. To register for the class and to learn more information,


Hoppy the Bunny and 15,000 Easter Eggs!

Easter is around the corner, and the thrill of the (egg) hunt has stirred a primal hunger in children everywhere. But where, oh where, can a parent go to satisfy these chocolate-covered cravings? Your answer is Eggstravaganza at Golden Eagle Park on Saturday April 8th, 2017.

Take the family and scramble over to Golden Eagle Park to enjoy the morning as a family. The Easter Egg Hunt is open to children up to 7 years and must be accoar-1404099201mpanied by an adult. Arrive early the hunt begins promptly at 9 am, and there will be 3 fields designated for 3 different age groups: ages 0-4. 5-7, and kids with siblings.

Get to the park early and have a hearty breakfast before the main event. The Extended Hands Food Bank will be on hand serving breakfast treats. The Fountain Hills Fire Department will have trucks to climb on and firefighters to show the kids their gears.

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Why stay inside when you can spend an evening as a family watching Pete’s Dragon at Fountain Park?

Fountain Hills is full of cool things to see and do this weekend. Here is one must do item to add to your weekend list.

Nothing says spring like spending time with your family watching a movie around the backdrop of a 560-foot fountain in Fountain Park. So, why stay insmovie-in-the-parkide when you can spend an evening as a family watching Pete’s Dragon?

After the death of his parents in a car accident, Pete finds an unlikely caregiver in the forms of a dragon named Elliot living in a forest in the Pacific NorthWest. Years later, a forest ranger (Bryce Dallas Howard) discovers Pete and takes him in, but his attempts to adjust to a normal life are complicated by a man (Karl Urban) who wants to hunt down Elliot.

The event is free and open to kids of all ages. The movie begins at 7:00 pm in Fountain Park.

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Easter Sunrise Service in Fountain Hills, Arizona: A Community Celebration

The Annual Easter Sunrise Service in Fountain Park will draw thousands of friendly neighbors in the early hours of what promises to be a beautiful, sunny spring morning at 6:00 am by the Amphitheater at Fountain Park.


Easter Sunrise Service at Fountain Park

In this glorious setting, with the fountain providing a majestic backdrop, the Interdenominational Service is conducted by 8 participating churches and the Fountain Hills Christian Ministerial Association.  It is the perfect way to lift and celebrate the renewal of life.

Area residents bring blankets, lawn chairs, mugs of warm coffee and copious amounts of cheerful handshakes and hugs to greet those they might have seen last week or last year.

download (4)

Pastor Trent Renner

The service will feature Pastor Trent Renner from Christ’s Church of Fountain Hills who will give the main sermon on Easter Why’s. Lively song and music will be led by Debbie Fischer and the ensemble of Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church.

So set the alarm, roust your family and don’t worry about donning the fancy Easter clothes.  Dress warm and be on time–it moves fast and ends promptly–then enjoy the rest of your day in the charming hometown atmosphere that is Fountain Hills!

Later, venture out to CopperWynd Resort for their annual Easter Egg Hunt which begins at 10:30 am on the CopperWynd Event Lawn. Over 1,000 eggs will be scattered for the little ones to find from the Easter Bunny himself. The Easter Egg Hunt is free and open to the public. Children 12 and under can participate in the fun.

May the Blessings of Easter Be With You and Your Loved Ones!

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Fountain Hills Adventures… Hi Ho—Hi Ho! It’s Amethyst You Know

We never tire of watching the purple shadows slipping across 4 Peaks and the Mazatzals at sunset. But unlike the ‘pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’, our beautiful amethyst-colored hills actually contain that popular gem! Sami Fine Jewelry in Fountain Hills is fortunate to be the exclfour_peaksusive purveyor of 4 Peaks Amethyst, one of the most intensely-colored Amethyst varieties in the World. And Sami’s offers a rare opportunity to tour this amazing mine—accessible only on foot or helicopter—during their twice-yearly “I Took a Peak” Mine Tour.

 4 Peaks Amethyst in 5 Country’s Crown Jewels

As the light reflects a fiery magenta spark within the deep aubergine-colored stones, it’s easy to see why the Spanish explorers took this very same 4 Peaks Amethyst back to the Old World to Pic #2grace the crown jewels of 5 European countries. And you’ll feel that sense of history as you embark on this adventure of a lifetime atop 4 Peaks, or WeKoPa, a mountain held sacred for centuries by Native Americans long before the Spanish discovered its treasure.

Become an Amethyst Miner for a Day

#3 helicopter landing 054The helicopter trip is exciting in itself, but the second you step onto the tennis court-sized landing and walk to the mouth of the mine on a path paved with glittering crushed lavender amethyst, you might hear the Seven Dwarfs singing “Hi Ho, Hi Ho” to Snow White in the back of your memory. But these glittering stones give you a measure of how many un-usable crystals are chipped out of the mine—by hand, with a hammer and chisel—to produce a single gem-quality nugget.

4 Peaks Amethyst is Unique in the World


Unlike the typical geode clusters of Amethyst crystals, the 4 peaks amethyst is found in very large single crystals embedded in the granite of the mining cavern. The unique color of the stones is a product of high concentrations of manganese and iron which is also visible in the reddish color of the granite walls.

As a visiting ‘Miner’ you will don protective headgear, including lighted helmet, hammer and chisel and will be guided by one of the resident miners how to find and dislodge an amethyst crystal. You’ll notice that the mine is reinforced with sturdy timbers, and lighted by generator-driven lights.  Each timber is painted with an iridescent green arrow pointing toward the mouth of the mine that keeps you oriented deep inside the mountain.

It is intense work—every stone is harvested individually, evaluated, sent to a professional lapidary to be cut to best advantage, and then returned to Sami’s for design and setting. Most of the harvested crystals will be too light to be considered gem quality. But if you have beginner’s luck on your mining adventure, you might just find a perfect amazing stone for the ages. In Greek mythology, amethyst is said to ward off drunkenness, so even a medium quality stone will be a great find!

There is a little sadness in the helicopter ride back to reality.  You’ll see the silver of the life-giving creeks flowing with snow melt, and sometimes the coyotes and deer of the Tonto National Forest.  But some part of you will want to go right back and do it again—just to be sure it was real and not just a dream.

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Spring Home Tour: Come Join Neighbors Nite Out!

Thursday, March 30th, Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate is inviting you and your neighbors to come tour 8 great homes, learn about “the ‘hood” and meet new friends.  Neighbors Nite Out is from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. You’ll have the opportunity to get to know Fountain Hills, the homes on tour, the neighbors, and the neighborhoods.

The event is scheduled to coincide with “National Neighbor Day,” during that week.  We always wonder who our neighbors are, and finding the time to introduce yourself is usually left to chance.  But what if having the perfect setting to meet your neighbors gave you the opportunity to find a great neighborhood to live in? Whether you’re a social butterfly or homebody, getting friendly with the folks next door is an important part of living in a community.

Even though the exact origins of Neighbor Day cannot be accurately traced, the holiday seems to have popped up almost randomly in various places at various times, one thing is universally valid:

 Neighbor Day is all about fostering strong personal connections that last the whole year round.

Every day can be neighbor day. There are no rules written in stone as how to celebrate Neighbor Day, and you are free to use your imagination:

  • Reach out to your neighbors! Cookies, a bottle of wine, tickets you can’t use…they’re all nice ways of acknowledging those who share your block.
  • Host a Block Party
  • Spend more time outside…especially if you can do so in the front yard!
  • Invite your neighbors to join you for one of the many activities we enjoy here in Fountain Hills….concerts, movies in the park, art festivals, Art on the Avenues (Thursdays)…there are a thousand opportunities in our wonderful community. Hint:  Music Fest is just around the corner! 

Anything can work as long it brings you closer to your neighbors, and allows you to get know them and the community better. Neighbor Day may only last for a day, but the effects are beneficial year round—and for years in the future!

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Top 4 Musical Artists to See at the Fountain Hills Music Festival 2017

Top 4 Musical Artists to See at the Fountain Hills Music Festival 2017

Nothing says spring like spending time with your friends and family listening to music around the backdrop of a 560-foot fountain in Fountain Park. So, why stay inside when you can spend the evening at the Fountain Hills Music Festival? On, April 1st, the beautiful park side location and the stacked line-up of musical artists give the Fountain Hills Music Festival all the ingredients for the best spring-time memories.

From electrified strings to country flair, the Fountain Hill Musical Festival has something for everyone. This year’s headlining acts are:


Rock Lobster

Western Fusion: Formed in the late 90’s by Brian Childress, Western Fusion was a traditional country band. As the musicians and band evolved, so did the music; the standard five-piece band continues to play country, but now plays hits from the 70’s, 80’s, and today’s rock.

Rock Lobster:  A Phoenix based cover band that plays the biggest hits of the 80’s, 90’s, and beyond. Rock Lobster’s top caliber musicianship and their electrifying stage show makes them one of the most popular bands in Arizona for the last two decades.


Ryan Sims Band


Ryan Sims Band: Country Recording Artist and resident of Cave Creek, Arizona, Ryan Sims stylistic evolution has landed him smack dab into the arms of country music.  Although he is a country recording artist, his shows include all types of music, enriched by his award-winning vocals and warm and friendly performance style.  His self-titled debut album is available on iTunes, Spotify and Pandora!

Urban Electra:  From classic rock to alternative rock, pop, club music, and cutting edge electronic music, Urban Electra electric string quartet brings to the stage an electric repertoire of original works and chart toppers.


Urban Electra


Bring your blankets, chairs, family and friends, and spend the day finding it all in Fountain Hills. This year’s music fest will begin at 4:00 pm, and admission is free. This year features various food trucks such as Loca Popa, which specializes in homemade falafels and hummus, Circle R Farms, and Queso Good, specializes in gourmet quesadillas. Fountain Hills Water and Ice will also be on site serving up their delicious kettle corn and shaved ice!
For more information please e-mail the Town of Fountain Hills at

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Find the Perfect Gift at Art on the Avenue!

If you just can’t get that perfect accessory or tasty treat out of your mind, this is a good time to visit your favorite artist at Art on the Avenue/Farmer’s Market.

SAM_1032 (1)

Shopping on Art on the Avenue

The growing season is early in Arizona, and most of our artists take advantage of market opportunities in the cooler climes during the summer.

The last day of the Art on the Avenue will be April 13th , then the Market will close until October. Make sure to visit the Last Chance Sell at the Market, where all the artisans will be having an end of the season sale on their jewelry, and paintings.

So call a friend to join you for the breakfast, lunch or happy hour on the Avenue, and buy that necklace—you deserve it! And as always, when you are on the Avenue, we love to have you drop by Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate and show us your treasures.

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Looking to bring out your artistic and creative side? Join the Fountain Hills Artists’ Gallery!

Looking to bring out your artistic and creative side? They have for fun workshops in March and April. They have something for everyone and no experience is necessary!


Wet Felting 101 with Rita Chester

“Wet Felting 101” with Rita Chester

Tuesday, March 21, 5pm-9pm

$65.00 all supplies included.

Learn the centuries old craft of wet felting with fiber artist, Rita Chester. Using wool, Rita will teach you the basics of wet felting to make your own original “Jewelry Bowl”. Your primary color will be black or white, and you will also have several accent colors to decorate your bowl. Each bowl will be approximately 6-7 inches in diameter. Class is limited to 6


Paint Your Pet Classes with Kelly Bowman

“Paint Your Pet” with Kelly Bowman

Wednesday, March 22,5pm–9pm

$45.00 all supplies included.

Acrylic artist, Kelly Bowman will guide students on a journey of painting a colorful portrait of their pet. After registration, students will email Kelly a picture of their pet, she will outline it on a 9”x12” canvas and you will be ready to paint when you arrive! The image you send Kelly needs to be the face of your pet; please make sure it is well lit with their face clearly visible. Kelly’s email will be given at registration.

Saguaro: “The Sonoran Giant” with Chris Demma

Sunday, March 26, 4pm-8pm

$55.00 all supplies included

We are very excited to have Chris Demma, who is very well known for her Sonoran Desert landscapes and botanicals teach a workshop here at the gallery. Chris will guide students in the application of paints and mediums to paint “Saguaro: The Sonoran Giant” in oils. Your painting will be on a 10″x10″ by 1.5″ gallery wrapped canvas. Class is limited to 8.


Acrylic Painting with Gloria Sanchez

“Sunset Stroll” with Gloria M. Sanchez

Tuesday, March 28, 6pm-8:30pm

$35.00 all supplies included.

During this 2 1/2-hour workshop, Gloria will guide students to paint a family of Quails out for a sunset stroll in acrylics using the bright vivid colors of the Arizona sky! Plus, everyone get black Swarovski crystals for the tip of their Quail’s Plumes. Gloria will also provide templates for the Quails. Class is limited to 8.

“Meow, Meow” with Colleen Brown

Sunday, April 9, 4pm-7pm

$48.00 all supplies included

Colleen will guide students to create a mixed media cat on a Birchwood square canvas. Class limit 8.

For more information, please email:

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