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April Performances at Fountain Hills Theater

Great Seat Selections Still Available!

Mainstage Theater:  Play It Again Sam, April 1-17, 2016

Youth Theater:  Dear Edwina, Jr, April 22-May 1, 2016

Fountain Hills Theater LogoSome of the best seats in the house are available for two of the Fountain Hills Theater’s delightful spring productions.  The intimate seating doubles the pleasure, and theater-goers often remark that they feel like they are an active participant in these light-hearted performances.

Play It Again, Sam

Play-It-again-Sam-300x275Allan Felix, who has just been dumped by his wife, is desperate to connect with another woman and dreams of a really BIG romance. Problem is, as he struggles to find an ideal partner in love, his neuroses, awkwardness, and insecurity with the opposite sex keep getting in the way. A movie buff and professional film critic, Allan has this thing about Humphrey Bogart, embodiment of machismo, epitome of cool … so he tries to tap into some of Bogart’s technique. As Allan muddles through real-life set-ups and let-downs, failed dates and panic attacks, Bogey indeed comes to his rescue – lurking in the shadows offering helpful pointers, zingers, words of wisdom, and … hope.

Written by Woody Allen and produced through special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Dear Edwina, Jr

Dear_EdwinaWhile we know that teen-aged angst isn’t really funny, Dear Edwina, Jr pokes fun at the prickly and sometimes amusing world of teen “growing pains.” Thirteen-year-old Edwina Spoonapple has very talented siblings. But because of this, she thinks that she isn’t special or talented. Yet Edwina has many talents including leadership, singing and advising, and she combines all of them by directing musicals out of her garage.

The topic of these musicals is letters written to her by neighborhood kids who need advice. One of the main themes of Dear Edwina is Edwina’s desire to be in the “Advice-a-palooza” festival because she feels it will prove that she is as talented as her siblings. This is all going on while Edwina’s love interest, Scott, is trying to win her over. But, since Edwina is so concerned about her show, she doesn’t pay attention to Scott. Scott manages to win her over — with a song and dance, of course.

Fountain Hills Community Theater, 11445 N Saguaro Blvd., Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

Tickets on line or by Phone at 837-9661, ex.# 3