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Fountain Hills Market Report: What’s Hot and What’s Not!

Want to know the latest and greatest in Fountain Hills Real Estate?  What’s happening around town?  Have property values risen or fallen year-over year?  Has inventory increased…or decreased? 

Check out the Mid-Year, 2017 Market Report by Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate and you’ll know which types of housing are “hot” and which are “not.”

Most important:  How do these changes affect your property value?

Our Market Report is a great start to understanding your opportunities and challenges in the current market.  Call us, and we’ll fill in the blanks by providing details about your particular situation and the information you need to  maximize your real estate wealth.

Get the Mid-Year, 2017 Market Report here.  Or Call Us at 480-816-5557 to get our more detailed analysis of Sales and Inventory of Homes and Condos by Neighborhood.  




2015 Fountain Hills Real Estate Market:  “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”

Sonoran MarketReport YearEnd2015 HR PG1

The following is a portion of the Executive Summary of Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate’s “Fountain Hills 2015 Year End Market Report”

Aesop’s Tortoise and the Hare fable has a few lessons for the Arizona real estate market.  And it seems Fountain Hills’ buyers and sellers are paying attention!  Overall there were 775 total sales of Homes and Condos, an increase of 7% year-over-year 2014, with prices increasing in the range of 1% across the board.  Of course, there are some variations in pace and appreciation, depending on which product or price strata you’re in.

As we enter 2016, one price range we’re watching is the inventory and sales pace of homes over $1 million.  During 2015, there were 32 sales in this category, vs. 47 sales in 2014 (a 32% decrease Year-Over-Year), accompanied by a 27% increase of inventory at the end of 2015 over 2014.  The 2016 selling season will tell the tale, as it always does, but the fact that there were 32 sales in 2015 with a current inventory of 60 homes available in this price range might indicate a need for better pricing.  The decrease in the amount of purchasing power of the Canadians and those involved in the farming industry from American’s Midwest might have an impact on pricing strength, although our market is bolstered by other buyer profiles, not the least of which is the retiring Baby Boomer from across the country.

On the other end of the pricing spectrum, it might look the same…but not!  Sales of homes less than $400,000 totaled 236 in 2015 and account for 46% of the local market; the 2015 rate of sales is a 13% decrease from 2014’s rate of 271 unitsYet, this decrease is due to a shortage of inventory!  To understand this, consider the current inventory of homes under $400,000 with only 67 homes at the end of 2015, while the end of 2014 saw 76 homes available…a 12% decrease Y-O-Y.  We are likely to continue seeing this trend as inventories of homes shift upwards and the “bottom of the market” disappears.

To read the balance of this executive summary, and to  review the Tables and Charts, Check out the Fountain Hills 2015 Year-End Market Report.  For an even more detailed report–or for a custom report for your property–contact your Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate pro!  Find them at http://www.sonoranlifestyle.com/our-agents/  

Work is Truly Our Pleasure! Sonoran Lifestyle’s “Style”

Fountain March 15, 2010There are so many things to love about life in Fountain Hills—big skies, big views, and the big hearts of thousands of our neighbors who use their time and talent to ensure a wealth of cultural offerings at our doorstep.

But for the crew at Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate, it’s often the small things that make our lives rewarding.  The pleasure of holding a staff meeting to celebrate personal milestones on a patio overlooking the World Famous Fountain is a joy we do not take for granted.  Volunteering with friends while improving our community puts a smile in our hearts for days afterward.  And maybe best of all, nurturing one on one client relationships with folks who depend on our advice throughout the decades,   an experience that truly enriches our lives.

Sonoran Staff Birthday September 2015

A Staff Meeting at Euro Cafe overlooking Fountain Park! A delightful morning!

Let’s face it, most Real Estate agents are “people” people… we have fun being with others, and find joy in networking and volunteering.  At Sonoran, we are also very serious about our clients’ financial well-being and the trust they place in our professional expertise.  We spend many extra hours making sure the right information is available, year-in and year-out, whenever it’s needed.

Our seasonal Market Report highlights the most relevant trends in the Fountain Hills area. A number of our clients use this update as a baseline for understanding the real estate component of their financial portfolio.  We also love the opportunity to provide a detailed market analysis and meet periodically for a “what does this mean for us” meeting with our clients. Many of our clients have built a nice portfolio of investment properties, utilizing the services of our in-house Property Management Division, dedicated to maintaining properties not just for rental income, but for future re-sale value.

Sonoran Team 2015 med size

Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate on the new and improved Avenue of the Fountains, August 2015

Regardless of your goals, the value of working with a trusted Sonoran professional to shape a plan around future options helps you manage your Real Estate assets for the greatest return.  Thinking of redecorating or remodeling?  We’re happy to discuss how those changes might affect your property’s value when you sell in the future!

One of the hallmarks of our company are the social events we hold along the Avenue of the Fountains.  These events not only allow us the opportunity to interface with you and discuss current topics affecting value, but you also get the opportunity to interface with others…making new friends or creating valuable relationships.

Prefer to meet near the base of the World Famous Fountain?  No problem. A cup of coffee while enjoying the new amenities on the Avenue? Perfect! Give us call and “let’s make a plan, Stan” (Apologies to Simon and Garfunkle!)  You can reach us at 480.816.5557, by email at Sonoran@SonoranLifestyle.com, or online at http://www.SonoranLifestyle.com.

Mid-Year 2015 Market Report for Fountain Hills: Market Balance Prevails!


Get the full page report at      .  Or, if you'd like more information and some of the data that makes up this report, contact your Sonoran Lifestyle Associate!

Get the full page report. Or, if you’d like more information and some of the data that makes up this report, contact your Sonoran Lifestyle Associate!

Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate is pleased to present the Mid-Year, 2015 analysis of our local, Fountain Hills, Arizona real estate market.  As a sales team committed to our community, we always look forward to an opportunity to better understand the dynamics of this very vibrant real estate economy.  We are proud of our hometown community with its world-class atmosphere and are grateful for the opportunity to help you understand it better.

As we pass the half-way mark on 2015, the Fountain Hills real estate market reflects the cautious growth that pervades the rest of the country, with a 10% increase in the number of sales during the mid-year 2015, compared to mid-year 2014.  There were a total 468 combined sales of Homes, Condos and Homesites, with $177,621,891 in volume during the first half of 2015.

Average Prices of Single Family & Patio Homes at $507,644 saw only modest appreciation of 1% (June 30, year-over-year), while Condos and Townhomes actually saw a 5% reduction in average price to $193,483.  Yet, sales of condominiums increased drastically by 22% with 150 units sold and $29 million in sales, a pace only seen one other time since 2008.  Coupled with a reduction of 12% fewer single family homes & patio homes sold under $400,000, and there are strong indications that price growth may likely follow for the lower price range of inventory.

To get the “Full Scoop” go to Mid 2015 Market Report.  If you’re a real numbers geek, contact your Sonoran Lifestyle Associate to get the backup for this report or better yet, get a customized report for your particular needs!