Spring Home Tour: Come Join Neighbors Nite Out!

Thursday, March 30th, Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate is inviting you and your neighbors to come tour 8 great homes, learn about “the ‘hood” and meet new friends.  Neighbors Nite Out is from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. You’ll have the opportunity to get to know Fountain Hills, the homes on tour, the neighbors, and the neighborhoods.

The event is scheduled to coincide with “National Neighbor Day,” during that week.  We always wonder who our neighbors are, and finding the time to introduce yourself is usually left to chance.  But what if having the perfect setting to meet your neighbors gave you the opportunity to find a great neighborhood to live in? Whether you’re a social butterfly or homebody, getting friendly with the folks next door is an important part of living in a community.

Even though the exact origins of Neighbor Day cannot be accurately traced, the holiday seems to have popped up almost randomly in various places at various times, one thing is universally valid:

 Neighbor Day is all about fostering strong personal connections that last the whole year round.

Every day can be neighbor day. There are no rules written in stone as how to celebrate Neighbor Day, and you are free to use your imagination:

  • Reach out to your neighbors! Cookies, a bottle of wine, tickets you can’t use…they’re all nice ways of acknowledging those who share your block.
  • Host a Block Party
  • Spend more time outside…especially if you can do so in the front yard!
  • Invite your neighbors to join you for one of the many activities we enjoy here in Fountain Hills….concerts, movies in the park, art festivals, Art on the Avenues (Thursdays)…there are a thousand opportunities in our wonderful community. Hint:  Music Fest is just around the corner! 

Anything can work as long it brings you closer to your neighbors, and allows you to get know them and the community better. Neighbor Day may only last for a day, but the effects are beneficial year round—and for years in the future!

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Top 4 Musical Artists to See at the Fountain Hills Music Festival 2017

Top 4 Musical Artists to See at the Fountain Hills Music Festival 2017

Nothing says spring like spending time with your friends and family listening to music around the backdrop of a 560-foot fountain in Fountain Park. So, why stay inside when you can spend the evening at the Fountain Hills Music Festival? On, April 1st, the beautiful park side location and the stacked line-up of musical artists give the Fountain Hills Music Festival all the ingredients for the best spring-time memories.

From electrified strings to country flair, the Fountain Hill Musical Festival has something for everyone. This year’s headlining acts are:


Rock Lobster

Western Fusion: Formed in the late 90’s by Brian Childress, Western Fusion was a traditional country band. As the musicians and band evolved, so did the music; the standard five-piece band continues to play country, but now plays hits from the 70’s, 80’s, and today’s rock.

Rock Lobster:  A Phoenix based cover band that plays the biggest hits of the 80’s, 90’s, and beyond. Rock Lobster’s top caliber musicianship and their electrifying stage show makes them one of the most popular bands in Arizona for the last two decades.


Ryan Sims Band


Ryan Sims Band: Country Recording Artist and resident of Cave Creek, Arizona, Ryan Sims stylistic evolution has landed him smack dab into the arms of country music.  Although he is a country recording artist, his shows include all types of music, enriched by his award-winning vocals and warm and friendly performance style.  His self-titled debut album is available on iTunes, Spotify and Pandora!

Urban Electra:  From classic rock to alternative rock, pop, club music, and cutting edge electronic music, Urban Electra electric string quartet brings to the stage an electric repertoire of original works and chart toppers.


Urban Electra


Bring your blankets, chairs, family and friends, and spend the day finding it all in Fountain Hills. This year’s music fest will begin at 4:00 pm, and admission is free. This year features various food trucks such as Loca Popa, which specializes in homemade falafels and hummus, Circle R Farms, and Queso Good, specializes in gourmet quesadillas. Fountain Hills Water and Ice will also be on site serving up their delicious kettle corn and shaved ice!
For more information please e-mail the Town of Fountain Hills at tourism@fh.az.gov.

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Find the Perfect Gift at Art on the Avenue!

If you just can’t get that perfect accessory or tasty treat out of your mind, this is a good time to visit your favorite artist at Art on the Avenue/Farmer’s Market.

SAM_1032 (1)

Shopping on Art on the Avenue

The growing season is early in Arizona, and most of our artists take advantage of market opportunities in the cooler climes during the summer.

The last day of the Art on the Avenue will be April 13th , then the Market will close until October. Make sure to visit the Last Chance Sell at the Market, where all the artisans will be having an end of the season sale on their jewelry, and paintings.

So call a friend to join you for the breakfast, lunch or happy hour on the Avenue, and buy that necklace—you deserve it! And as always, when you are on the Avenue, we love to have you drop by Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate and show us your treasures.

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Animal Love: How Fearless Kitty Rescue Is Saving the Lives of Cats in Fountain Hills

Finding your passion is sometimes about finding your mission and place in this world. Such is the case for both Paula Stefan and Kim Kamins, founders of Fearless Kitty Rescue, traveled different paths until their love for animals brought them together in 2011. Both Paula and Kim met while volunteering with another cat rescue group, and their passion
was evident from the get-go. Their motivation and dedication to help find loving homes for theses cats ensured the success of that group. However, when the cat rescue group decided to move in a different direction; both Paula and Kim found themselves at a crossroads.


Fearless Kitty Rescue is a free-roaming adoption center in Fountain Hills.

Their love for rescuing and the adoption of cats led them to the founding of Fearless Kitty Rescue in August of 2012. In September 2012, Fearless Kitty Rescue became recognized as a non-profit
organization. Doing what they love and loving what they do has turned their non-profit organization into a free-roaming adoption center that allows cats to transition from rescues and placing these animals in loving homes.Every year, Fearless Kitty Rescue holds  an annual 5K Run and Walk at the Scottsdale


Some of the rescues at Fearless Kitty Rescue.

Sports Complex to raise funds to continue their mission to protecting the most vulnerable. On March 26th, you will be welcomed by cat lovers of all ages as they run and walk to support Fearless Kitty. The course is an easy, flat course which takes place in 2 laps and wraps around soccer fields that are accompanied by beautiful landscaping.

You can register by online or the day of the race. To register online, please visit www.fearlesskitty5k.org, and to register now is $40. If you register on the day of the race, the registration will be $45. Each registrant will receive a Fearless Kitty Rescue Medal and a t-shirt with their registration. If you can’t attend the event in person, there is a virtual option which enables you to participate, and get a medal and t-shirt from the comfort of your home. The 5K registration begins promptly at 7:00 am, and registration costs $45 on the day of the race. The race will begin promptly at 8:00 am. For more information on the 5K run, please contact Lisa Cargill at lisa@fearlesskittyrescue.org.

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Looking to bring out your artistic and creative side? Join the Fountain Hills Artists’ Gallery!

Looking to bring out your artistic and creative side? They have for fun workshops in March and April. They have something for everyone and no experience is necessary!


Wet Felting 101 with Rita Chester

“Wet Felting 101” with Rita Chester

Tuesday, March 21, 5pm-9pm

$65.00 all supplies included.

Learn the centuries old craft of wet felting with fiber artist, Rita Chester. Using wool, Rita will teach you the basics of wet felting to make your own original “Jewelry Bowl”. Your primary color will be black or white, and you will also have several accent colors to decorate your bowl. Each bowl will be approximately 6-7 inches in diameter. Class is limited to 6


Paint Your Pet Classes with Kelly Bowman

“Paint Your Pet” with Kelly Bowman

Wednesday, March 22,5pm–9pm

$45.00 all supplies included.

Acrylic artist, Kelly Bowman will guide students on a journey of painting a colorful portrait of their pet. After registration, students will email Kelly a picture of their pet, she will outline it on a 9”x12” canvas and you will be ready to paint when you arrive! The image you send Kelly needs to be the face of your pet; please make sure it is well lit with their face clearly visible. Kelly’s email will be given at registration.

Saguaro: “The Sonoran Giant” with Chris Demma

Sunday, March 26, 4pm-8pm

$55.00 all supplies included

We are very excited to have Chris Demma, who is very well known for her Sonoran Desert landscapes and botanicals teach a workshop here at the gallery. Chris will guide students in the application of paints and mediums to paint “Saguaro: The Sonoran Giant” in oils. Your painting will be on a 10″x10″ by 1.5″ gallery wrapped canvas. Class is limited to 8.


Acrylic Painting with Gloria Sanchez

“Sunset Stroll” with Gloria M. Sanchez

Tuesday, March 28, 6pm-8:30pm

$35.00 all supplies included.

During this 2 1/2-hour workshop, Gloria will guide students to paint a family of Quails out for a sunset stroll in acrylics using the bright vivid colors of the Arizona sky! Plus, everyone get black Swarovski crystals for the tip of their Quail’s Plumes. Gloria will also provide templates for the Quails. Class is limited to 8.

“Meow, Meow” with Colleen Brown

Sunday, April 9, 4pm-7pm

$48.00 all supplies included

Colleen will guide students to create a mixed media cat on a Birchwood square canvas. Class limit 8.

For more information, please email: workshops@fountainhillsartistsgallery.com

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Kids Who Grow up in Multi-Generational Households Feel More Loved

An interesting thing happens when a single family household makes room for Grandma and Grandpa…everybody feels more loved and valued.  Starting at the top of the generational pyramid, combining households allows the senior generation to:

  •                 Give their time to childcare/car pool/housekeeping duties
  •                 Contribute financially to the whole family’s welfare
  •                 Live in a mentally stimulating, vibrant environment.

For the second, or “Sandwich Generation”— those who care for both their parents and children— the creation of a three generation household can significantly ease the press of day to day logistics.   In 60% of US households, (April 2015 statistics),


Multi-Generational Family Households

both parents working equates to “no time left over” for anything else…In single parent households, 90% of the adults work full time away from home, so the time press is even greater. When Grandparents can assume some of the chauffeuring for kids’ activities, grocery shopping, even waiting for deliveries and home maintenance visits, it reduces stress on the working adults in the family. Dependable after school care and oversight as the kids get older lifts a major financial burden from the parents as well. Even if the older family members don’t drive and are in need of assistance with their health and personal care routines, the family receives a significant gift of time and ease of mind to care for their parents in their own home.


But the most significant beneficiaries of grandma and grandpa just down the hallway come to the third generation.  Katie and Anna Myhr, whose grandmother lived with them for more than 15 years, say they “loved being with their Grandmother” every day after school, and like many other kids whose nurturing grandparents were woven into their lives, felt like they were more loved and cherished than other kids. Anna notes that it didn’t seem unusual for their grandmother to be woven into their lives, “it was just the way our family was.” Katie describes it as “comforting” when they were little and their grandmother made their after-school hot chocolate and snacks, but on the other end of the spectrum, “comforting” to be able to schedule her personal care assistance into their daily lives when she needed their help.


There are many advantages to the multi-generational household.

Sandy Myhr, whose mother Thelma Feehan lived with her and husband Bill for nearly two decades feels like there were so many advantages to the multi-generational lifestyle.  “At one point Bill and I each had a parent in our household. I think it was clear that it gave our parents a real sense of purpose to be helping us with the over-all household management, but it also gave structure to their daily lives, and made them feel wanted. When we combined resources from the sale of both of our homes, we could buy a well-designed house in Fountain Hills that gave us both space and privacy. “It wasn’t a ‘Grandma lives with us’ situation; both of us were owners of a single home.  And although it is not always easy when two adult women want to manage a single household ‘their way’, the plusses far outweighed the minuses. We never had to have the heart-wrenching “you just can’t live on your own” crisis because multi-generational living situations tend to transition into new form as the need arises.”

The numbers of two, three and even four generations sharing a home has nearly tripled in the US since the dawning of the new Millennium. While financial considerations may play a large part, new patterns of family life seem to be emerging, with each generation contributing to enrich the fabric of the family unit.

At Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate, we enjoy helping Multi-Gen Families find their happy place.  Contact us to see a variety of custom homes offering nurturing environments, beautiful views and fun outdoor spaces.

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Putting Down Roots in Fountain Hills

Native Plants, Desert Trails and the Desert Blooms Return

Carpet of Flowers at Saguaro lake

Desert Bloom at Goldfield Ranch

After a rainy winter like we have had in 2017, March is a riot of color in the Sonoran Highlands.  A short drive to Goldfield Ranch Subdivision, (just one exit west on the Beeline Highway past the Fort McDowell Casino), or on to the picnic areas of Saguaro Lake, the Poppies, Desert Lupine and Hedgehog cactus are indicative of the fragile season our native plants have to mature and refresh for the next growing season.


Theater Thursdays at the River of Time Museum  Features talk on Fountain Hills Native Plants

The River of Time Museum’s “Theater Thursdays” during the winter season are brown-bag lunch gathering featuring interesting talks on subjects of local history and interest.  The March session features Master Gardiner Rita Applegate providing interesting insights about native plants in the area, many of which have both food and medicinal value. (Rita is also a moving force behind the new Community Garden, and can answer questions about the garden after her presentation).

Bring your own lunch or snack; water and soft drinks are available for sale on site.

“Theater Thursdays” are free for Museum members ($35 per year for a family which includes extra free admissions for a guest or two) and with the modest Museum admission of $5.00.

12:00 p.m., Museum Courtyard 12901 N. La Montana Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ, 85268

Fountain Hills Desert Botanical Garden

P Bar Dam on Botanical Trail

Desert Trail

Once you’ve learned a bit about the native plants that make our Sonoran Desert so diverse, you might want to spend some time in Fountain Hills Desert Botanical Garden.  Founded by Jane Haynes in 1975 as a wildlife preserve, the Garden is 8 acres with elevation from 1696 to 1800 feet.

On December 14, 2006, the Fountain Hills Botanical Society Volunteers under the auspices of the Town of Fountain Hills agreed to restore the original garden trail as an educational and hiking destination. Twenty nine Sonoran Desert plants are identified along the half mile meandering trail that has been constructed on the desert slopes. The trail allows for interesting views of rock formations, desert flora, animal life and an abandoned P-Bar Ranch campsite next to the April 25, 1941 constructed dam wall visible from the trail.

Fountain Hills Desert Botanical Garden, open dawn to dusk

11300 N Fountain Hills Blvd
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

The Sonoran Conservancy of Fountain Hills

#1 Desert Flowers

Beautiful Sonoran Cactus

The Sonoran Conservancy of Fountain Hills is a group of avid hikers and trail-building volunteers who have made hiking trails a part of our everyday living in Fountain Hills.  The group organizes hikes in many of the pristine desert areas within a 50 mile view of fountain Hills, as well as work during the winter season to create and maintain significant hiking access with trailheads as close as the east side of Fountain Park.

The volunteers arm of the Conservancy, the Trailblazers, develop and maintain hiking and nature trails in the Preserve. A number of people have been trained and have gained considerable experience in trail building.  The program is generally active from October through April. Click here for contact information.


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Life is a cabernet at the Thunderbird Art and Wine Affaire


ThunderBird Art And Wine Affaire on the Avenue of the Fountains

March 24th, 25th & 26th, 2017

Avenue of the Fountains, 10-5 pm

Hundreds of Fine Art vendors, food, wine and entertainment. The event is free, but is gated. Admission is $3.00 so visitors can taste wine while they stroll.

Thunderbird Artists and the Sunset Kiwanis of Fountain Hills have once again partnered to bring you another extraordinary juried fine art event that encompasses quality wines and delightful musical entertainment featuring featuring Bob Culbertson on the Chapman Stick and pianist, Brandon Gaesser.  Unequaled in its ambiance and the quality of fine art, the 13th Annual Fountain Hills Fine Art & Wine Affaire is the ideal setting for this world-class gathering of artists.

Please drop in and see us at Sonoran Lifestyle Real Estate after you have enjoyed a wonderful time at the Thunderbird Art and Wine Affaire.  We’ll have maps, a Dining Guide and area information on “The World’s Greatest Town.”    For on-line information, check out our Visitor’s Guide at http://www.movetofountainhills.com to learn about all the fun entertainment, sports, cultural and historical venues in the surrounding areas.

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Fountain Hills Adventures: Saguaro Lake in its Spring Splendor…

Saguaro Lake State Park is a 20 minute scenic drive north of Fountain Hills on the Beeline Highway.  While this oasis in the desert offers boating, cruising, picnicking and lake-front dining at the Marina, in March is all about the wildflowers.

This year’s winter rains guarantee a carpet of California poppies, Indian paintbrush, and in many places, lush stands of desert lupine, (Bluebonnets to ya’ll from Texas!). Depending on the weather, you may see the beginning of a wide array of fragile cactus blooms, known to many as “Nature’s Fireworks.” Tiny purple Hedgehog Cactus, Prickly pear and Ocotillo start to show their stuff as the days warm up toward the end of the month of March.

#1 Desert Flowers

California Poppies

Catching a bite at the Marina is a pleasant respite, with both indoor and outdoor dining and a Friday Fish Fry that is a local favorite. A cruise on the Desert Belle is a perfect way to introduce visitors to the history of the area, see some primitive wild lands without hiking, and if you are really lucky, some of the mountain sheep that watch from the cliffs above.

A true “Arizona Experience” awaits at the Park’s Butcher Jones Beach area: An un-fenced herd of wild horses.  The area has top kotch picnic area with tables, barbeques, toilet facilities, and easy parking with handicapped access.  But for most visitors, it’s all about the Wild Horses. This beautiful herd of numbers 75+ and they frequent the beach area for easy access to water. It is important to note that these are wild creatures, however, and in the spring are somewhat elusive and protective of their foals. But it’s a thrill of a lifetime if you are lucky enough to capture a glance of the heard, and really something if you catch a picture or two.


4 Peaks With Saguaro Lake

So toast the sunset from the veranda of the Marina, take a cruise, or just pack a PB and J, and catch the “March Magnificence” of the Sonoran Desert highlands.  Just another Fountain Hills Experience that is truly “one of a kind.”

Saguaro Lake Marina

14011 N Bush Hwy, Mesa, AZ 85215, 480-986-5546

8 a.m. – 10p.m. (call to confirm hours and weather conditions at the lake).

Desert Belle Cruises

14011 N Bush Hwy, Mesa, AZ 85215; 480-984-2425

(Reservations are necessary, especially on weekends).


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Spring Break “Staycations 2017” Abound in Fountain Hills

Learning to ride horseback is one of the very special adventures available to Fountain Hills kids this spring break.  And what Arizonan doesn’t want to know how to ride?   Twelve lucky kids will have the experience of a life time learning about all things “horse.”  The riding lessons will include mastering some of the many grooming and care that creates that wonderful bond between horse and rider.


Horse Camp begins Monday March 13th.

Horse camp will start Monday, March 13th and will end Wednesday, March 15th. Drop your kids off at 8am and pick them up at 1pm.  The ranch is located in Rio Verde (about 25 minutes from Fountain Hills), and the price is $300 per child. The camp is limited to x12 kids, so sign up ASAP with Lori Bridwell at 480-471-3151. #springbreak #horsecamp

Fountain Hills Youth Theater’s Spring Break Camp wants to make your kid a “Star.” 

Maybe our local kids won’t make the “big Times” like Emma Stone, but we might be nurturing the next Oscar winner! Card tricks, magic, vocal and instrumental music, dancing, gymnastics—even aspiring stand-up comedy routines are invited to the 2017 Spring Break Camp at the Theater.


Begins on March 13th-17th .

This camp is devoted to taking each participant’s natural talents and developing them into an act for school talent show or other competitive auditions.  Each act will be part of the finale variety show to be performed for friends and family at the end of the camp. No need to be shy—this camp offers opportunities for all experience levels and all kinds of skills.


Due to differing Spring Break schedules, two full week camps are offered:

March 6-10, 2017 and March 13-17, 2017.

9am-12pm Half-day option $150* 9am -3pm Full-day option $250*

*Sign up by Feb 22 for $50 off early bird rate for full-day, $25 discount for half-day

Call 480-837-9661 x3 or visit http://www.fhtaz.org


Fieldtrips, Fun and Hands-on Activities at Fountain Hills Boys and Girls Club

Kids from 5 to 15 are welcome at the Boys and Girls Club Spring Break camp.  Age-


Boys and Girls Club Spring Break Camp

appropriate field trips delight both the younger and older ends of the age spectrum, and a variety of interesting activities are planned throughout the day. Kids will need to bring their lunch and two snacks each day.


Perfect for working families with busy schedules, the Fountain Hills Boys and Girls Club is open from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Registered after-school program kids: $85 for first family member/$75 for additional kids.

Non-registered kids:  $110 for first family member/$100 for additional kids.

14605 N Del Cambre Ave, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

Phone: (480) 344-5400


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